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New operator crashes
Las Vegas market

Apr 1, 2003 7:28 AM

A fast-growing Nevada gaming company is entering the Las Vegas market.

The Holder Group, which has quietly snapped up five casinos in its three years of existence, is adding PT’s Mining Co. at 920 S. Boulder Highway.

The Henderson casino, with 171 slots, will be renamed Charlie Holder’s Casino Bar and Restaurant, said Bruce Dewing, president of the Reno-based group.

After closing the deal later this month, a major expansion could soon follow, Dewing said.

"We bought the adjacent lot and we’re looking to add up to 400 slot machines,’’ he told GamingToday.

The acquisition, which will be reviewed by the Gaming Control Board this week, is yet another pick-up for the privately held Holder Group. Its other properties include the Silver Club in Sparks and Sharkey’s Nugget in Gardnerville, as well as casinos in Hawthorne and Winnemucca.

Also on the agenda is Holder’s pending purchase of Potluck, Inc., which operates the major truck stop-casino in Fernley.

Dewing said owner Hal Holder, originally from South Florida, is pursuing still more gaming outlets around the Silver State, including one in Tonopah.

"We’re the fastest growing gaming company in Nevada. No one is doing what we’re doing,’’ said Dewing, who joined Holder two years ago after a stint at MTR Gaming.

Dewing said Holder’s far-flung properties have one thing in common: a focus on local clientele. "And we are hoping to do more in Las Vegas,’’ he added.

The company likes the location of the 3-year-old PT’s Mining Club, which is not affiliated with the sprawling PTs Pub chain.

"Club Fortune and Magic Star are within a mile. But there’s lots of traffic and the number of rooftops is growing out there,’’ Dewing said. "There’s enough business to go around.’’

Holder’s newest club, which is expected to retain its Leroy’s Sports Book, is named after the chairman’s infant son.

"Hal is 71 and going strong,’’ Dewing said. "He’s one of a kind."