Seniors turn out
for Reno event

Apr 8, 2003 12:26 AM

By Debbie Burkhart

Special to GT

GamingToday’s own Oklahoma Johnny Hale hosted the $500 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em in Reno last week, with dozens of players participating on behalf of charity.

Prior to the tournament action, Howard "Tahoe" Andrews, appropriately enough, was inducted into the Seniors Hall of Fame.

The tournament attracted 60 players, who all took the optional $50 rebuy for another $1,500 in chips. The $3,000 collected from rebuys went to charity.

The event began at noon, and the final 10 players took their seats seven and one-half hours later.

There was one minute remaining with $300-$600 blinds and a $100 ante.

Jon Andlovec was the chip leader with $30,500; Steve Wilner was close behind with $28,100; Gloria Tschetschot was in third place with $20,800; Dave Davenport was in fourth with $16,400; Al McCoy was in fifth with $16,000; Bill Estes was in sixth with $15,000; Chuck Sharp was in seventh with $9,500; Richard Hemphill was in eighth with $9,100; Chris Bjorin was in ninth with $7,500; and Jerry Nelner was trailing with $5,700.

On the second hand, Bill was eliminated by Chris, so he had to settle for the $600, tenth place prize.

Five minutes into the event, the blinds increased to $400-$800 with a $200 ante.

Jerry began the final table short stacked, and picked A-6 to go all-in against Gloria’s A-9. The board came up blanks and Gloria’s A-9 took the pot. Jerry pocketed $600 for his ninth place finish.

It wasn’t long before Al went all-in against Richard with pocket jacks. Richard showed A-K and the flop produced an ace and Al was forced to take eighth place and $1,000.

At 8:35 the blinds went to $1,000-$2,000 with a $300 ante.

Five minutes later Chuck moved all-in with his remaining $6,500 and Gloria called. Chuck had Q-9 and Gloria showed K-K. The board was no help to Chuck and he had to settle for seventh place and $1,000.

Ten minutes later, Chris went all-in for $2,800 and got called by Steve and Gloria. The flop came 9-9-6 and they both checked. The turn card came a 10, Steve bet all-in and Gloria folded. Chris showed A-8 and Steve turned over A-10 for a pair of 10’s. Chris was drawing dead and to add insult to injury the river card came a 10. Steve made Aces-up and Chris departed the final table in sixth place and $1,310.

The remaining four players took a 10-minute break and when they returned the limit increased to $1,500-$3,000 with a $400 ante.

Twenty minutes later, Gloria moved all-in and Dave called. Dave showed K-Q and Gloria had A-5. Gloria’s ace high won and Dave finished in fourth place $2,038.

At this point, Steve was in the lead with $68,000, Jon was second with $50,000 and Gloria was third with $37,000.

The tourney ended when a deal was struck at 9:30 p.m. Gloria took third place and $3,492; Jon took second and $5,820; and Steve was declared the winner and added $11,640 to his bankroll.