Shows rediscover their
Sin City heritage

Apr 8, 2003 1:17 AM

We have become once again what the LVCVA doesn’t want to hear ”” Sin City. Late-night shows are now sex, sex, and sex! Beautiful women bearing their bodies to the delight of patrons”¦both male and female.

Scintillating. Tantalizing. Just plain sexy. That’s what I’m hearing about the new Cirque de Soleil show bound for New York-New York in July.

Can you imagine the family-oriented Cirque admitting no one under 18? Even the Canadians realize that sex sells!

The thousands of Engelbert Humperdinck fans (with or without the support hose) will be thrilled to know that their dreamboat opens Thursday at the Las Vegas Hilton. Remember, he abruptly cancelled his last engagement due to illness. I may even sneak in to see this suave perennial hunk.

Ann-Margret’s talent as an entertainer and grace and a woman drew me back to see her three times during her just completed MGM run. I was also enamored of her clothes, but she wouldn’t part with any.

It still amazes me that the press can have such an impact on a career, positive or negative. The latest target is Diva Celine. Though nobody will say that the lukewarm opening night reviews had anything to do with it, I’m hearing an overhaul of her show is in the offing. Among the changes are a new ending and a new wardrobe. Note to Celine: Monti-boy accepts hand me downs.

Harrah’s has sent out an invitation for a new show called Sunny’s Blondes and Boy Toys. It stars Sunny, Greg Thompson’s better half, who previously starred in Showgirls at The Rio.

The Palms is still abuzz about Britney Spears recent visit. I hear she was the poolside attraction for a few days, though I was told that her bodyguards did a good sunscreen imitation.

Robin Leach is one barfly. He’s continually making the nightspot rounds, holding court with all the ladies a third of his age. Robin recently welcomed Siegfried & Roy into his world at Tabu with champagne wishes and strawberries fed to them by Robin’s personal waitress.

I’m predicting that John Stewart and his On State Entertainment will overcome his Legends in Concert problem and will bounce back big time. Andre-Philippe Gagnon, continues to do good business with his Monday through Thursday shows at Paris. Mamma Mia’s numbers are terrific as are the city’s super shows.