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Black Bear Diner

Apr 8, 2003 1:22 AM

Black Bear Diner

6180 W. Tropicana Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89135

Meat quality: 10-oz grade-A beef burger with various cheeses.

Type of fries: crisp, large portion.

Bun size: regular.

Drink: various beverages.

Order method: server.

Wait time for meal: 10 min.

Price: $8.46 (including tax)

Atmosphere: friendly, homey, comfortable.

Rating/comment: 4.5 wimpys (out of 5):


If you want an escape from Las Vegas, Black Bear is it. One would never guess this diner sits in a busy shopping center off Trop and Jones. The Black Bear grew from a single restaurant in Mt. Shasta, Calif., eight years ago and, like bears, the orders come large. Called the Papa Bear, this 10-oz burger is so big that it sticks nearly halfway outside the bun. The order of fries is also huge and the soda comes in a giant-sized glass. The burger is fine and, coupled with excellent service, makes for a stellar dinner stop. In fact, the place steadily filled with patrons as we consumed the meal. The owners have decorated the interior with bears of all sizes, creating a country atmosphere that is appealing and relaxing. The price is right, considering the size. We’re coming back!