NHL: Shoot from hip

Apr 8, 2003 2:23 AM

There’s no football, and college basketball is over. That leaves what remains of the NBA and NHL, along with the start of the baseball season.

It reminds me of an old bookmaker’s joke that goes something like this. A player, who had just been destroyed in football and hoops, calls his BM and asks if there was anything on the menu for that night. The BM says only hockey is left and that he will read him the lines. The player says "Hockey, I don’t know nothing about hockey."

Well, that brings me to what happened a couple of weeks ago when the phone rang and it was one of our subscribers to the GamingToday web site. The gentleman wanted to know the reason we had only one handicapper that selected NHL games and three that made selections on all other sports.

He said he likes to look over different opinions and have a few more options. After our conversation, and it was very cordial, I decided that I would take a shot at the NHL. Now I have probably not made more than five NHL bets in maybe 25 years in Vegas ”” and those were games that someone I respected gave me. Heck, I’ve never watched a game in its entirety.

So like the guy in the joke, I don’t know nothing about hockey. The next morning I dug in, studied a little, and made a few selections to get my feet wet. Needless to say, I went 3-0 and, as of this writing, I am 30-plus games over .500. Sometimes we have too much knowledge, which clogs our thinking.

This success could come to a thunderous halt at any moment, but right now I’m a hockey guru and enjoying every minute. So, those of you who stunk it up in pigskins and hoops, may want to take a shot at pucks to clear your mind.

With baseball upon us, our GT web site is going strong and red hot in our selections. We have daily picks on all sports and also release selections on all horse races at the California tracks. This is a real good deal, so if you have a computer and would like to become a subscriber, call GT at 798-1151 and our cordial receptionist will help you.

Don’t get too glum, football is just five months away.