I like baseball without Sake!

Apr 1, 2008 7:00 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber | It was baseball, Sake and Toyota in the first two opening games of the Major League season in Tokyo, Japan last Tuesday and Wednesday. Now we get down to the real deal, baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet.

You all know how much I hate change. I loved it when the Reds would open the season on a Tuesday. Instead, its all about the money with the Red Sox and As making a lot of it during that little trip to Tokyo. Now we even have teams wanting to leave their old Florida spring training camps for Arizona, bigger bucks and nicer digs.

Have you ever tried to get a ticket to an exhibition game in Arizona? You have a better shot getting front row seats for Bette Midler at Caesars Palace. Every game is sold out and the tickets arent cheap. Anyway, in this first big week of baseball I had to skip my column on tipping and delay it a week in order to cover a few more betting angles regarding parlays, totals and streaks.

I always keep tabs on winning and losing streaks, which offer some good plays if you are a parlay player. I like making round robins, using my four best plays of the day to make four three-team parlays. If you have a couple good or bad teams on streaks, take your best four and head to the window. Tell the ticket writer you want a round robin using threes and then give the dollar amount for each parlay.

If you want $5 on each, it will cost $20. Should 3-of-4 win, you hit one three-team parlay which will give you a small profit. If all four win you will have enough money to keep you in action for the week. I like to bet over / under runs on occasion. If bet late, you should always pick up an opening line sheet and check the totals. Compare them to the lines that are on the board before making your bets.

Regarding totals, wiseguys know when to bet on them. Most books today will not get off the number when taking a limit bet on over/under. If a game total is 9 (-110) and they get a limit bet on the over, the book will move it to over 9 (-120) and under 9 (even).

The opening line sheet will indicate which way the money is moving the line. This is very big, if the line has moved twice. If the over moves from 9 (-110) to 9 (-130), that would indicate the book took two limit wagers on over 9. I myself usually dont get involved in betting totals on numbers like 7, 9, 11. Those numbers seem the most likely to fall right on the line.

I love to bet over 6 totals, but they are few and far between. You only see 6 in the National League. I also like to bet over 10 and under 11 in the American League.

One parlay you wont be able to bet in almost every book in Nevada is a parlay with the run line and the total on the same game. This has been in effect for decades as the books seem to think that the correlation of parlaying +1 runs with the under in the same game or -1 runs with the over puts them at too much risk.

Like my $10 parlay will break those guys!

First, you can make this bet at any offshore book. So why not here? The only time that it may put the book at risk is a total of 7 or less when parlaying the +1 and under since both teams are sending out their ace. Other than that, there is no more risk then any other parlay.

Since Im still lobbying the cell phone issue, I might as well add this stupid rule. Remember, next week we will cover some baseball results, how things are progressing and that tipping issue.