Money Market

Apr 8, 2003 6:13 AM

It had been 25 years since Kansas City opened a season 2-0. That’s sick. Well, the Royals went 3-0 against the stunned Chicago White Sox, favored in all three road contests.

That should have been the top story in Week 1, but it wasn’t. How about Pittsburgh, an underdog in its first four games, winning them all. On the road, no less! The Pirates even went into 3-0 Philly and won. A close second in the NL was Montreal / San Juan visiting Atlanta and sweeping the Braves. Of course, the Tigers didn’t let us down, scoring two runs in three games against Minnesota at Comerica Park.

Here is the latest list of top winning underdogs.

Monday, March 31

Tampa Bay (+260) d. Boston, 6-4

Tuesday, April 1

Favorites went 7-0.

Wednesday, April 2

KC (+170) d Chicago, 5-4

Thursday, April 3

Colorado (+165)

d. Houston, 10-5

Friday, April 4

Toronto (+160) d. Minn, 7-2

Saturday, April 5

Colo (+240) d. Arizona, 4-3

Sunday, April 7

Colo (+210) d. Arizona, 8-3