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No French boycott of La Femme!

Apr 22, 2003 3:31 AM

Another attempt at getting a syndicated TV show based out of Las Vegas has begun. Ed McMahon, my old crony from the Johnny Carson days, hosted a pilot of the $1 Million MegaBingo Championship.

It was shot at The Orleans and is very reminiscent of the old Players Club fronted by Telly Savalas. I’m told the pilot went very well, though it might have taken a backseat to the Miss Bestbet Beauty Pageant, won by former Playboy model and current "Skintight" lead, Shannon O’Keefe.

A Las Vegas-based television project called "Father of The Pride," a family comedy series centering on a pride of magical white lions that perform in Siegfried and Roy’s show, is in the works.

Featuring Shrek-like computer-generated-imaging, the main storyline revolves around the rivalry between a family of snooty white tigers and a white lion pride which performs and lives in Las Vegas. It’ll be cheeky, edgy, and ironic humor.

The Riviera will follow the lead of Chippendales at the Rio and Thunder from Down Under at Excalibur, when it debuts "Men" in a few weeks.

The current sex craze continues with Pudgy joining "Skintight" at Harrah’s. Pudgy is a female Don Rickles who once orchestrated the Crazy Girls revue at The Riv.

Is bigger always better? Check out Karin Denise at "The Sin City" show at the Boardwalk. If you don’t remember, Karin was once a hot firecracker in the Riv’s Splash show, then left to produce and star in a couple of topless revues.

Bob Saladino, who is still recouping from a near fatal car accident, has relocated his Raw Truth eatery to 2381 E. Windmill Lane. Bob’s place serves superb all natural, all raw cuisine.

The local boycott of French-related products continues and everyone seems to be on the same side. Of course, there is one exception ”” La Femme at the MGM Grand. The classic revue from Paris’ Crazy Horse has become a Las Vegas treasure.

Before venturing here about five years ago, I was living in Miami, totally wrapped up in the glamorous life of South Beach. My favorite magazine there was Ocean Drive. The publishers of Ocean Drive and the Greenspun Media Group will combine their respective talents to publish Vegas.

Vegas will be an international magazine focusing on the glamour, entertainment and culture of Las Vegas. At the unveiling at Tabu, not only did I meet the magazine’s editor, Glenn Albin, but I also was introduced to feature editor Tom Austin.

Are you sitting down? Can you imagine they are doing a feature on me as one of Las Vegas’ most colorful characters! I thought they were pulling my chains, but it’s true!

As we reported last week, Cirque du Soleil is preparing a new show to debut later this spring at New York-New York. The show will feature an R-rated theme, keeping with Vegas’ 21st century theme.