Cash for Life

Apr 22, 2003 7:30 AM

Mega-jackpots and progressive awards aren’t new to Nevada casinos, but Bally Gaming is betting its new Cash for Life series of video machines will forever change the way players pursue their slots.

The new machines, which complement Bally’s popular Thrillions wide-area-progressive slot network, went "live" in Nevada casinos this month as part of a rollout that will bring gaming’s most unique jackpot to casinos throughout the state.

Featuring a progressive meter that resets at more than $1 million, the new Cash For Life progressive link joins successful progressive games such as Popeye, Betty Boop and other popular games. Casino customers can now play for this life-changing, $1,000 a-week super progressive jackpot at selected locations throughout the state.

The Cash For Life series of games will be available on both reel-spinning and video platforms in a variety of high-profile game themes. Another distinctive feature of Cash For Life is that players will be able to play for the top progressive jackpot across different denominations.

"Cash For Life is truly a breakthrough concept that will revolutionize the way players can win a top progressive award," notes Mickey Roemer, Senior Vice President of Sales and Game Development of Bally Gaming and Systems. "Previously, winners of major progressive jackpots could only take either a lump-sum payment or receive an annual annuity. Who wouldn’t want to get a check for $1,000 each and every week for the rest of their lives?"

One of the first marquee games to be unveiled as part of the Cash For Life link is based on one of the most popular TV game shows of all time: Concentration. Featuring Bally Gaming’s advanced EVO VIDEO interactive platform, Concentration will offer players all of the excitement and suspense of the original TV show that challenged contestants to match key parts of a puzzle for valuable prizes.

With an unsurpassed variety of available game titles and denominations — from nickels to $5 — these new games are just the beginning of the Cash For Life gaming phenomenon, company officials said.

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