Park Place expands range of comp card

Apr 29, 2003 6:26 AM

Park Place Entertainment will raise the bar of gaming loyalty cards when it launches phase two of its customer reward program ”” the Park Place Connection Card ”” this Monday.

For the first time ever, guests who patronize Park Place’s five Las Vegas properties ”” Caesars, Bally’s, Flamingo, Hilton and Paris ”” will earn comps based on money they spend on hotel rooms and related services, dining, selected entertainment options and company-owned retail in addition to money spent on slots and table games. Other gaming loyalty programs only award comps for money spent on slots, table games or other gaming activities.

This program "enables a broader scope of customers who can participate in comps that couldn’t ever before," said Mike Leonard, Park Place Entertainment vice president. "Many people come here to enjoy our properties but may not play. We value their business and want to reward them."

Guests will earn 3 percent in comp dollars of money spent on selected non-gaming expenditures at Park Place properties. Comp dollars are deposited into "comp banks," which guests can use like cash at any of more than 100 venues on Park Place’s five Las Vegas properties which include company-owned restaurants, retail shops, shows, bars ”” even golf courses.

Table players also benefit from this program. In the past, table players earned comps through ratings that dealers gave them, if they knew enough to ask the dealer to rate them at all. With this program, players will just hand over their card and receive comp dollars ”” no ratings, no fuss.

"Players who never before thought they would qualify for a comp and never got anything will be earning and receiving comps under this program. That’s what makes it exciting," said Leonard.

"Our program allows customers to reach a critical mass of value more quickly," Leonard said. It used to be that if a guest played $3 here, and $3 there, it was never enough to qualify for comps. With the card, this customer would reach a much better reward much quicker.

Since the program’s inception in 2002, it has been Park Place’s intention to include all of their domestic properties. Phase two is focused on the five Las Vegas properties. The next phase will encompass all of their domestic properties. The program is designed around the idea that the strength of the company is that it operates in so many desirable markets and niches.

"For example, I might visit Las Vegas and bring my wife and stay at Paris. My next visit, I might come with the boys and stay at Caesars. But because I’m keeping my play in the same family of properties, I get a greater reward with the Connection Card," said Leonard. "We have more properties, more restaurants, more showrooms and more shops than anyone else in the industry...a value that is better than anywhere else."

Expectations are high at Park Place Entertainment for the success of this customer-rewards program.

"We expect customers will love it," said Leonard. "When they move between markets, they will have a good reason to stay at one of our resorts."