Thou shall not
include bibles

May 6, 2003 3:33 AM

The $1.1 billion Borgata will open this summer without including the Gideon Bible in any of its 2,002 hotel rooms.

"What we’ve found is there’s such a diversity of gaming customers that visit Atlantic City, by putting one generic publication in there you’re not fulfilling the needs of everybody," Borgata spokesman Michael Facenda said.

"You could do the Mormon Bible, the Koran, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Greek New Testament. ... Where we ended up is we’re not going to put anything in there," Facenda said.

The Press of Atlantic City

All bets off on Bennett

Former "drug czar" Bill Bennett is the head of Empower America, which opposes casino gambling. Was that position taken before or after he reportedly lost more than half a million betting at the Bellagio and another $340,000 last July at Caesars Atlantic City?

Bennett confirmed to both Newsweek and the Washington Post that he had gambled previously, but claimed his losses were nowhere near what had been reported.

"Over 10 years, I’d say I’ve come out pretty close to even," he said.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Out of Control Board

John Hensley was the head of California’s Gambling Control Commission, but now he’s out and perhaps the board as well.

Gov. Gray Davis was not a fan of the board before Hensley left, having avoided naming a fifth member to the committee.

The governor needs to fill the vacancies with quality people. The odds? Don’t bet the farm.

The Sacramento Bee

Gaming moral in Texas

Analysts say the New Texas will be about $1 billion richer, or "$1 billion less broke" if the state adopts the front-running gaming schemes.

Gov. Rick Perry intends to veto any measure to "expand" gambling in Texas. But re-opening Speaking Rock casino in El Paso has a chance.

The Austin Chronicle