Sports Notes - April 1, 2008

Apr 1, 2008 7:00 PM


In Michael Murray’s 2008 edition of Betting Baseball (215 pages, paperbound, $24.95) downtown at the Gambler’s Book Club (11th and Charleston) he discusses when to bet games; betting on streaks; the run line; the money line; betting totals; interleague play; measuring offense and home field edge. He offers advice on bullpen effectiveness; how the line is created and the effects of ballpark design on scoring.

Murray also examines ballpark layouts and puts the spotlight on the impact of umpires, their quirks or prejudices ("homer umpires") and how they affect total runs scored. Many of Murray’s "study areas" are secrets some of the best baseball handicappers have hidden. – Howard Schwartz


For bettors who just can’t wait until Saturday’s Final Four, other options like the NIT and CBI await. GT contributing power guide guru Nolan Parry has rated all the teams currently standing in college basketball.

Final Four: North Carolina 152.1, Kansas 150.9, UCLA, 150.1 and Memphis 147.2.

NIT: Mississippi 138.7, Ohio State 136.8, Massachusetts 135.0 and Florida 133.5

CSI (best of 3 series): Tulsa 132.5, Bradley 130.9.

And there is also the NCAA Women’s Tourney with Tennessee advancing to the Elite Eight in going for an eighth national title. UConn, Rutgers and Maryland are top threats.