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Sahara eyes new adult revue

May 6, 2003 3:43 AM

The rumor mill reports that changes are in the works at the Sahara, where Dick Feeney is expected to unveil an adult ­­revue sometime in the next few months. Stay tuned.

The change makes sense as shows and entertainers come and then disappear, but sex continues to sell.

Families will still be welcome, but don’t expect massive ad campaigns to get them here.

The funniest rumor from the gossip mongers is that Esther Williams will star in a water show outside of Bally’s. Another good one is that Donald Trump is looking for a major purchase here.

Don’t look for Charo at the Aladdin; she’s gone and the restaurant may not be far behind!

Bill Moore, who produced Charo’s "Bravo" show, is trying to bring back a former local success, "Nudes on Ice." Sounds like a cool idea to me: they won’t have to buy expensive costumes. But what happens when the topless skaters fall over?

The latest restaurant attempt at Deserted Passage, Prana, had a big to do last week. It’s a magnificent-looking establishment that drew long lines and a lot of wannabees to its special event.

Some dear friends are headed our way: Connie Stevens will be playing the Suncoast as will Lorna Loft, doing a tribute to her mom, Judy Garland ”¦ Cindi Lauper, who opened for Cher, will be joining Meatloaf at Mandalay Bay and Olivia Newton-John comes to Paris.

I spent another few days in Hollywierd having meetings and renewing friendships. "Zumanity" was the talk of the town with everyone asking why a New York drag queen would be the host? I really couldn’t give a straight answer, but I figure that it’s an equal opportunity show and all types are invited.