Agassi goes for gaming lic.

May 6, 2003 6:58 AM

Tennis superstar Andre Agassi’s first foray into gaming is on the agenda Wednesday for the Nevada State Gaming Board, although he’ll be represented by one of his four fellow 30-something partners, Adam Corrigan.

Agassi, a Las Vegas native and resident, is listed as "member/manager" and 50 percent owner of Ari Restaurants, LLC, which is seeking a restricted license to share in the gaming profits from 15 machines at an eatery to be called "Sedona," at 9580 W. Flamingo Road and I-215.

Also on the list of partners is Thomas Charles Breitling, the co-founder of the Las Vegas-based online travel site Travelscape, which was bought out by Microsoft’s Expedia several years ago.

Sedona would cover about 10,000 square feet, with 280 seats and six 15-inch plasma TVs. Corrigan hired Michael Ingino, formerly of the Bull Shrimp restaurant at Green Valley Ranch, to serve as chef.

Corrigan would be the operator of the proposed restaurant-bar. Corrigan, Breitling and Jeffrey Albert Marquis would each own 25 percent of the business. Agassi and his partner in Ari Restaurants, Perry Craig Rogers would own 12.5 percent.

"I’m 34," he said. "We’re all the same age."

But Corrigan, who said he sees Agassi frequently while he’s in town, likely will be the only one at the board meeting for license recommendation on Wednesday.

"I think I got them all waived," he said.

Corrigan, who runs six Roadrunner lounges and the Cavalier restaurant locally, said that he, Agassi, Breitling and the other partners grew up together in Las Vegas, where they all prospered at a young age.

In Sedona, the partners other than Corrigan will be largely silent.

"I would be 100 percent operator," Corrigan said. "It’s a partnership with everyone in on the decisions and me in charge of the day to day. They’re all busy people, they’ve seen what I have done and they are confident in what I’m doing."