Seniors bask in World Series glow

May 13, 2003 5:46 AM

"The Seniors" at the World Series of Poker held last weekend was a great day for The Seniors World Championship of Poker Players Hall of Fame.

A lot of our friends from all over the world came to play, and many told me they came to Las Vegas just to play with us in The Seniors at the Series.

And a lot of The Seniors players told me they plan to play in Carol’s The Seniors WCOP Charity No Limit Tournament at the Orleans on May 21, when Carol will pay the winner $100,000 if we have 200 or more players.

Honey, there will be a lot more than 200 players because you are doing this for The Seniors charities, and it has been arranged with Mike Vento, card room manager at the Orleans, to let all poker players who are over 21 play, and, gosh, you are giving them 10,000 chips to play with and two days to play.

Back at Binion’s there were 378 of The Seniors who paid $1,000 to become a part of poker history.

The Seniors at the Series was won this year by Ron Rose, in addition to the WSOP gold bracelet and having his name engraved on the permanent The Seniors trophy, The Gold Eagle, Ron took home over $130,000.

Second place was won by one of my best friends, and one of the most beloved and respected poker players in the world, Ton McMillian.

Ton is a member of The Seniors WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame. Sometimes called Big Mac, Ton took home to his wife Theresa and baby Austin over $66,000.

Howard "Tahoe" Andrews, the newest member of The Seniors WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame, finished eighth and won $7,040.

The Seniors WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame was well-represented by having Tahoe and Ron at the final table: 20 percent of the final table was made up of The Seniors hall membership.

Yes, Carol, I know I told you that I was just planning to play in The Seniors and win all that pretty money and I was really focused to win. I shot my best stick.

And you know I never tell you bad beats, only good wins, but when 338 of The Seniors players had given up and gone home, I was still in the hunt with a lot of chips. But I came to win, not finish high. The tournament was down to 39 players and me.

Carol, then I played really bad and I tried to make two nines beat AK.

But there is good news: my chips made it to the final table and finished in first place!

Oklahoma Johnny’s Poker Tip of the Week

When playing poker it is very important that you are not made at anyone.

If you have a disagreement with your spouse or companion, then run off to play some poker, it is fairly certain you will lose that day.

Try to be in a good frame of mind when you play and when you’re at the table, don’t make anybody mad at you. And most of all, don’t get mad yourself.

Try to be congenial. Happy poker players win, and grumps and unhappy players lose.

Be happy, have a good day and you can take the money home.

Until next time, remember to stay lucky!