Heidi Fleiss coming to town?

May 20, 2003 12:48 AM

Everyone agrees that "sex sells," as evidenced by the way strip clubs are sprouting like convenience stores all over town. But where will Vegas draw the line?

I’ve heard that there’s a "bathing suit optional" swimming pool at Caesars Palace for bathers who like to sun themselves "au natural," and that the Palms has Skinny Dip Tuesdays at its Skin pool lounge.

The latest scuttlebutt is that former Hollywood madam to the stars, Heidi Fleiss wants to open a brothel in Southern Âí­Nevada, but it won’t be in the city limits.

Brothels may be legal in nearby Nye County, but they’re banned in Clark County (why is that?). Plus, doesn’t Heidi have a prison record? She’s a scandal waiting to happen.

The Guggenheim has announced it will have two or three exhibitions a year. In the space that the motorcycle exhibition was held, it was revealed that one or maybe two theaters could be built.

Charo abruptly closed at the Sevilla last week. She says she has lots of money due her but with the Sevilla in bankruptcy, it doesn’t look good.

I just learned about our city’s biggest bargain: Coca-Cola’s Tickets 2Nite offers half price tickets for Las Vegas shows. The tickets are offered daily at 2 p.m. just inside the Showcase Mall next to the MGM Grand. I have even heard that sometimes you can get Celine tickets, too.

Rita Rudner recently celebrated her second anniversary of performing in her own room at New York-New York.

I enjoyed the mention of Celine in Michael Douglas’ new film, "The In-Laws." Douglas’ character says he’s going to get a wedding present for his daughter that includes two tickets to her show.

The event and honorary committee for the Animal Foundation’s "Best in Show 2003" is quite impressive. It ranges from the Greenspun clan to Mayor Oscar to Senator Ensign to Michael Gaughan, Sig Rogich and Siegfried & Roy.

A very worthwhile event, "Best of Show 2003" takes place on June 1 at the Orleans Arena. All the dogs vying for awards have been adopted from a shelter. Who says you can’t teach us old dogs new tricks?