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Don’t whine over changes!

May 20, 2003 3:00 AM

I have to admit, I really do miss those $2 10/7 Double Bonus Poker games at the Suncoast and Orleans, but I’m not ready to give up just yet. Why? Well, a true video poker professional has to be ready for changes.

Moreover, I’m becoming bored by all the guilt being ladled onto Coast Casinos for eliminating their 100% (of course, in theory only) video poker games. I care, but I don’t care that much.

I mean, does it really make any kind of a difference to me ”” a player who sets goals and leaves as soon as they are Âí­attained? Well yes and no.

Without a doubt, playing my short-term strategy as I do, it’s entirely possible that five credits less for a full house here and there just might make the difference between a big profit and a miserable loss.

But let’s get real for a Âí­moment. What’s the possibility of that actually happening anyway? Tell me how many times you simply play those extra skillfully earned credits off rather than take them home ”” or hit that big royal flush because of them anyway.

Coast isn’t the villain here. Players aren’t the villains. Business is. How hard is it to comprehend that some companies require more profits, whether for bonuses, to cover expenses, or to build a new property somewhere down the line.

How about we all learn how to survive a changing world? When was there ever a guarantee that anyone would win at any machine, regardless of the probable mathematical payoff?

Besides, all supposed winners need do is tell us they hit it big ”” whether they did or not ”” right after losing big, and we’ll all breathe a great big sigh of relief!

But surviving in the game of video poker takes a lot more than fancy words that some misled few think will clear the air. It takes insight, courage, and a proactive approach to everything about the game.

We’ve all heard about how "advantage" players take every hundredth of a percent very seriously. While I believe that’s all nonsense, I do believe in taking advantage of the situation presented.

For instance, did you ever think about not staying in your favorite casino past a certain win point? Did you ever try to collect all the inside information on slot clubs that you never dreamed of knowing? Do you know people who know people who can connect you with those in charge of casino marketing and promotions departments?

And have you ever gone one step further than all that? Utilizing all these tools is the true method of obtaining an advantage over any casino. You can either educate yourself on all aspects of learning how to get the true advantage, or join those who whimper and showcase their weakness.

Once again, we see we have a choice in achieving video poker success. Once again, only a select few will dare make the change. Those are the ones who care. To the rest ”” they’re used to playing catch-up.