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Cards on the table at WSOP!

May 20, 2003 3:33 AM

The 34th World Series of Poker Championship Event started yesterday (Monday, May 19) and will continue all week. A new champion of poker will be crowned on Friday at about 6 p.m.

I would like to say that I will win the WSOP and become the oldest man to ever win the championship.

But maybe I will just take second place and let my friend Ron McMillan (a member of the Seniors WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame) win first place because I owe him.

Yes, Carol, Ron and I will be busy today at Binion’s so you will have to host The Seniors Second Chance Charity No Limit Hold’em Poker Tournament at the Orleans poker room.

Gosh, I am sorry dear, but I know that you will break a leg, and do so well because you have planned the event very carefully.

So that you can raise money for charity, you are going to let everyone who is 21 and older play ”” give them $10,000 in chips to play No Limit Hold’em poker and two days to play. I am real sure that you will meet your goal of 200 or more players so that you can award the first place winner $100,000.

Carol, I got Ron’s name wrong in my column last week. When Ron won second place in The Seniors at the Series, his name was inadvertently spelled incorrectly. The error was probably caused in part because the first place winner was Ron Rose.

So it was a battle of Ron’s when it got down to heads-up play between Ron Rose and Ron McMillan for The Seniors WCOP Championship at the WSOP.

Forgive me, Ron, I know your name as well as my own.

So, Carol, I want Ron to win because we owe him.

Did I tell you the story of when I first met Ron? We were playing poker for money at the Golden Nugget.

Yes, Carol, back in those days I played poker for money, not just for fun the way I play now.

As luck would have it, just for a little while, it was not a winning day for me and I ran out of money. Well, Honey, I did not know Ron; I had just met him. And without any request from me he threw me a packet of cash ”” $5,000 still in the bank wrapper.

Then the cards found me and I of course won all my money back plus a little for expenses, but I misplaced Ron and found myself back in Tulsa with Ron’s $5,000 still in my pocket.

As you know, Carol, I am getting (Old Timers with The Seniors moments). I sometimes go to the bathroom and forget why I went to that room and you hear me call the roll of all my daughters’ names ”” Sharie, Debbie and Sara ”” when I am talking to just one of them.

Honey, that’s why I sometimes win when I play no limit poker ”” because I think that a four is an Ace and since there are no leaks in my play (if I don’t know what I am doing), how can another player know what I am doing. So I just turn a four into an Ace now and then and raise the pot.

Well, I called Ron’s office in Dallas. He was not in but I left word that Johnny was still alive and that he had a chance to get his $5,000 back.

Carol, you and The Seniors Charities owe Ron and his wife Teresa and their baby Austin for all their help, encouragement and support for you wine tasting charity fund raisers out at the Jaguar dealership for the Nathan Adleson Hospice and The Seniors Charities when they gave you all those Ronald McDonald watches, high chairs and hamburgers.

Oklahoma Johnny’s Poker Tip of the Week

Kenny Rogers sings a great song — Never count your money when sittin’ at the table, there’s time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done. It’s a great song and Kenny sings it real well.

Always count your money when you are in a poker game. Be aware of where and how you and the other players stand at all times. Then when you are winner, quit and go on home and count your money some more.

Remember to always stay lucky!