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It’s just all so ridiculous,this LeBron/Annika fuss

May 27, 2003 2:29 AM

Was this not the week for the ridiculous or what?

Annika Sorenstam playing on the PGA Tour against the top male golfers (except for Tiger Woods) brought about plenty of hoopla and some ridiculous props.

You could make a bet on her at 500-1 that she would win the Colonial. That price should have been 5000-1! Annika had about as much chance to win that tournament, as I have to get a hole in one on a par-5, especially since my clubs are at the bottom of a lake.

The whole thing is silly. Even the best women’s golfer can’t win a major tournament against the top males, but it was good for TV and the sport books. Hey, how about how about high schooler LeBron James getting a $90 million sneaker deal with Nike and he’s is only 18 years old. The kid has never played a second in the NBA, but will most likely be wearing the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers uniform next season. Outrageous!

Air Jordan inked his first deal with Nike for about $2.5 million. That’s how much things have changed. Ridiculous? I guess so.

There are a lot of people, including me, rooting for Funny Cide to win the Triple Crown and I am one of those people. However, it’s nonsense to think that a gelding can win the Belmont, especially one owned by a group of old high school buds who each put up $5000 bucks and having the time of their lives.

There’s no chance, so save your money and find another horse to bet on when it becomes race time.

Getting back to Sorenstam and women against men, I think their best shot is at Jeopardy where they can win a lot of money and beat the guys all in one shot. Most women are a lot smarter than men anyway. Boy, I got myself out of that one didn’t I?

Reading Marker Down in last week’s issue reminded me of something about Vegas in the past that wasn’t ridiculous ”” coffee shops. There were coffee shops in this city that were as good as any restaurant you could find. The Palm Room at the Stardust was tops. The Shrimp and Crab Louie was just the best.

Another great coffee shop was at the Riviera, where they served the best Boston Scrod anywhere west of Fenway Park. You could see anyone there sitting at the counter and that’s not ridiculous.

Next week: The real reason why Funny Cide won’t win the Belmont.