Strip magician to disappear?

May 27, 2003 2:44 AM

It seems that a certain unnamed magician performing at a certain unnamed Strip hotel was scheduled to move to a different unknown hotel. So when I heard the news, I reported on all the unnamed activities after being assured of the changes. Now it seems the new unknown venue has not been confirmed and the current unknown hotel has no comments on the situation. I guess it’s a real case of much a do about nothing. Does anyone really care? By the way, the unknown person who denies taking over the showroom in the unknown hotel is telling friends his ideas about some unknown productions.

The biggest question being asked around town by those in the know ”” that includes me ”” is when Lisa Marie Presley will make her Las Vegas debut. I’m predicting the Hard Rock, Palms or Mandalay Bay. I never got to see her father perform, but I’m hearing that she has the tools to carry on his legacy.

The Charo/Sevilla/Desert Passage scenario has gotten ugly”¦ lawsuits, mud slinging, etc. I’m willing to bet that Charo comes out on top again and will find a new home for herself.

Lorna Loft is Suncoast bound with a tribute to her mom, Judy Garland.

As of this writing, the final tallies for American Idol were being scrutinized by Fox Television. It seems there might be something wrong with the numbers and that the entire American Idol process went awry. More to come on this tantalizing story.

Don’t read anything into it, but while Siegfried was at the Divas concert with friends, Roy was dining at Pirana with pals. The guys are at The Mirage following a two-week hiatus.

One of the most exciting weekends of the year is forthcoming with my annual birthday bash on Saturday night. Get out the bail money and let’s party!

I’m predicting that by the end of the summer, most Strip hotel will have some type of "it’s a sex thing" draw. It will range from topless weekly swimming parties to secluded European-type pools to old fashion Las Vegas T&A shows. Maybe the show producers will surprise us with something creative for a change.