Put the brakes on ticket prices!

Jun 3, 2003 12:38 AM

Wasn’t there a time when a popular Strip headliner complained about increasing ticket prices to see his show? Strange, but I haven’t heard any rumbles since his hotel upped the ante to $100 for every seat in the house.

In the meantime, could the Amazing Johnathan, who departs the Flamingo at the end of the year and uses the same manager as our aforementioned headliner, do a second show in the headliner’s theater?

The place to be Sunday night may be the Suncoast for Bill Acosta’s closing night. There are reports a host of friends (real ones and not his fantastic impressions) will be in the audience and maybe even on stage.

Justin Tranz (a magician with a Redd Foxx style dialogue) had a change of heart and will be staying at Fitzgerald’s.

Jay Black (remember Jay Black and the Americans?) does a show at Sunset Station on June 20.

Ann-Margret moves from the MGM Grand to The Orleans starting June 19.

The waitresses have started performing at The Rio; they’re called Bevertainers.

Still no official word of what’s happening at The Sahara. Lots of rumors and denials.

Engelbert Humperdinck has parted ways with the Hilton.

Depending on seat location, "An Evening at La Cage" and "Crazy Girls" at the Riviera have increased ticket prices by as much as $10. Seems as the though the hotel is trying to make up for slow times with higher prices.

The "Today" show is planning a Las Vegas on the Plaza event on July 26.

In case you haven’t noticed, while movie ticket prices have also gone up around the city, the quality of films hasn’t. What we’re missing, is that advance screenings of movies for the media has changed. Most studios are insisting on metal-detecting wands and purse searches. The reason is the amount of film piracy taking place. Personally, a strip search isn’t the worst. Depending on who’s wielding the wand.