Casinos unveil new menus, restaurants

Jun 10, 2003 7:23 AM

Terrible’s Hotel and Casino recently unveiled a new Mexican menu in its Bougainvillea Café and Rotisserie.

Already a hit because of its prime rib, steaks, rotisserie chicken and Chinese offerings, Bougainvillea now serves authentic specialties from south of the border at bargain prices.

Making the dining experience even more festive are Bougainvillea’s margarita and beer specials.

You can cool off with a bucket of four cornitas or two Corona beers for only $2.99. Or sample a tasty margarita from an extensive menu, which includes a fiesta-inspiring 36-ounce Super Margarita and the house specialty margarita for only $3.99 that includes the glass.

Green Valley Ranch

Next week, Green Valley Ranch Station christens two new dining concepts, China Spice and Sushi+Sake.

Keeping with the upscale atmosphere of the hotel-casino, the two new restaurants will offer fans of Asian cuisine two distinctive dining alternatives with the ultra-contemporary Sushi+Sake and the more casual modern, China Spice.

China Spice will actually feature two menus: an authentic Chinese mean that features multi-regional dishes at moderate prices, and one that offers a wide selection of American favorites.

The Chinese menu is highlighted by superb choices such as Pu Pu platter, an exquisite assortment of steamed buns, pot stickers, Chinese spare ribs, vegetarian egg rolls and crab Rangoon.

There is also a nice selection of soups, salads and delightful entrees that include crispy fried garlic chicken, honey-glazed walnut prawns and orange peel beef. The menu also features a tasty mix of noodle, rice and vegetable dishes.

Sushi+Sake features freshly-prepared sushi and sashimi plus tasty dishes such as Chef Kwan’s duck egg rolls.

But the real star of the place is the exotic array of unusual sakes and tropical drinks. A house favorite is the Geisha Girl, an infusion of sake, Parrot Bay coconut rum, fresh bananas and strawberries.

If you’re not timid, try the Yakuza, an potent mixture of sake, Stoli Oranj, fresh pineapple and candied ginger. Bonsai!

Caesars Palace

The long-awaited Cypress Street Marketplace recently opened at Caesars Palace. Located near the entrance to the Forum Shops, Cypress Street is a casual, self-serve dining experience that features nine action stations.

Open for lunch and dinner beginning at 11 a.m., Cypress Street Marketplace utilizes an innovative "smart card" that is given to guests as they enter. The card is then swiped each time the guest chooses an entrée, salad, dessert, beverage or other choice.

At the end of the meal, the smart card is presented to the cashier for payment or chargeback to the guest’s room.

Among the great choices are fresh-roasted whole turkey, hot pastrami and corned beef, Carolina pulled pork, pork ribs, beef brisket, rotisserie chicken, Asian appetizers such as pot stickers, spring rolls, stir fry, Mongolian beef, kung pao chicken, Japanese edamme, cucumber salad, lobster bisque, Mediterranean wraps, burgers and salads.

Diners can also sample generous pizza slices at the Slice Bar, where they’ll find thick-crust pizza, specialty pizzas, stromboli and sausage and pepper sandwiches, baked ziti, and spaghetti and meatballs.

A unique station for diners on the run is the Wrap Station, with its Mexican, Mediterranean, Caribbean and Asian themes. Wraps come in flour, spinach or whole wheat tortillas and can be filled with charbroiled steak, grilled shrimp, chicken and other condiments.

Rounding out the stations is the Java Coast coffee and pastry bar, which serves specialty coffees, fresh baked pastry and Haagen-Dazs ice cream, 24 hours a day.