Board rejects slot claim

Jun 10, 2003 9:54 PM

The Gaming Control Board last week denied an appeal from Stephanie Kremer, who claimed she was owed $7,748,697 from a disputed Wheel of Fortune jackpot at Binion’s Horseshoe.

Kremer filed the claim last year, but a hearing officer denied it after reviewing security tapes of Kremer’s play.

Binion officials originally denied the jackpot because they said the slot machine didn’t display the required three Wheel of Fortune symbols.

Regulators customarily reject slot jackpot claims when a malfunctioning machine is involved.

Overall, it was not a good day for claimants. The GCB also affirmed denials of other claims, including:

— Arthur Miles vs. the Castaways for $2,502,844.70;

— Dale Culliers vs. the Gold Coast for $500;

— Richard Richko vs. Arizona Charlie’s for $700;

— Reinaldo Zelaya vs. Circus Circus for $1,000.