Danny Gans to reunite with Wynn?

Jun 17, 2003 6:37 AM

Employees who work at the Danny Gans Theatre keep wondering why the impressionist continues to cancel shows. Gans returns to the stage tonight (June 20) following a frustrating week for staff. He cancelled a Saturday (June 7) show, saying he’d be working on Tuesday (June 10). However, the cancellations continued until it cost everyone more than a week’s pay!

This can’t make for a happy showroom. All this is happening amidst rumbles he wants to depart the Mirage for his buddy Steve Wynn’s new property, Le Reve. But the mega resort won’t open until 2005. Let’s hope this thing stabilizes before then.

Your humble, kind and considerate columnist has found a steady Las Vegas gig that will feature his finest attributes and talent. I should be able to let the proverbial cat out of the bag next week. Just let me say that it will take you back in time.

I guess the cliché "imitation is the greatest form of flattery," is the rule of thumb in our wonderful city. It seems that every Strip venue has a late-night club or "ultra lounge" that is geared to attracting all the attractive people.

Unfortunately, there are just so many genetically bizarre beautiful people to go around. Some nightclub is probably suffering somewhere.

Treasure Island officially becomes TI on July 12 with day-long festivities that will include an after-dark pool party. You can bet the so-called beautiful folks (genetic freaks?) will be in attendance. Maybe we’ll glimpse a Siren of TI.

Second City, which may be the best kept secret in town, launches a new review this week at the Flamingo.

I missed the Tony Curtis’ 78th birthday bash as I was out of town searching for an identify. But I heard it was a nice affair.

Mystere just celebrated its 4,500th show with everyone asking how long will it continue to run. Why tamper with a winner?

Kenneth Feld’s Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus starts its annual West Coast swing Thursday (June 19) at the new and beautiful Orleans Arena. Feld, who produces Siegfried & Roy’s spectacle at the Mirage, will be feted by the master illusionists at a pre-show reception.

Lorna Luft, despite a great Suncoast weekend performance, is still searching for a Strip property to call home

It’s amazing: Rodney Dangerfield, after a couple of months following brain surgery, plays the MGM Grand Arena on July 19. I used to work for Rodney way back when in New York. He’s a great showman and I wish him better health.

Serendipity, a trip down musical memory lane, has opened at the Gold Coast. The show features live impersonations of stars such as Bette Midler, Nancy Sinatra, Connie Francis, Petula Clark, Stevie Wonder, Frankie Valli and more.

Some of the Serendipity cast previously starred in the very popular Honky Tonk Angels, also at the Gold Coast. I’m simply amazed how singer Corrie Sachs can go from impersonating Reba McIntyre to Petula Clark. I have a hard time remembering my name in the morning.

It was inevitable, but I’m sorry to say that Bob Anderson has packed his bag of impressions and is heading for Branson, Missouri, when he is bound to find steady work.

Celine Dion is keeping it in the family. Despite word that female singers wouldn’t be allowed to play in her 4,000-plus seat barn, Mariah Carey and Gloria Estafan have schedule appearances. It just happens they have the same promoter.

Congratulations to my pal Robin Leach on the occasion of his new TV show, Penthouse F. Robin describes it as being a modern-day Playboy After Dark, Hugh Hefner’s old casual program.

Marty Allen and Connie Stevens, not together, are scheduled at the Suncoast.

Marlene Ricci is still belting them out in her marathon shows at the Riviera.

Check out the new Hamada restaurant at the Rio.

Speaking of the Rio, I took an informal survey about its new performing waitresses. The results: everyone agrees that they’re saving money as they don’t gamble when the "Bevertainers" are performing.

The Scintas are going to play Atlantic City during their later summer hiatus from the Rio.

Well, have another hot week in the coolest city on the planet. I know I will!