Take me NBAway to Del Mar

Jun 17, 2003 6:53 AM

With this being probably the most boring time of the wagering year, the NBA is on the verge of ending, thank you lord!

And now that baseball has interleague play, the question is how will we stay in action? One way, especially if you are a horse player is to get in one of the many horse contests around the city.

It seems that almost every casino has some kind of contest to get involved in and most have a small $10 entry fee. These contests keep you in action the entire day and provide a nice shot at some big bucks for a very small investment.

So whether you bet on the Strip or on the west or east side of the city, there is a casino that is offering some kind of race contest. Some also some have the daily twin Q, so stop in have your favorite cocktail and take a shot. You could be that lucky person that brings down that $3,000 at Stations.

With the fair circuit now starting in California, it’s just a matter of weeks until Del Mar. That’s what a lot of us Vegas horse players live for. It also means that football is not far away so have patience and get that bankroll ready.

There will be a bevy of football contests here in Vegas that are cheap to enter, fun and carrying really big money. As always the crew at GamingToday already have their heads in the books and gearing up for another super year. Last year GT handicapper Andy Iskoe went 15-0 against the spread in his weekly NFL picks. That’s correct, he swept the board. You could have brought down every contest in Vegas.

Speaking of winning I would like congratulate Greg Lamatrice of Las Vegas for capturing a Nike promo here in town. What he won is pretty amazing. First, he flies to Orlando for two nights and three days. Greg will get three free lessons, clubs and clothing along with a round of golf with Tiger Woods. I wonder what you could get for that on E-Bay.

By the way don’t forget our web site here at GT where we offer daily selections on all sports and release picks on SoCal and NoCal tracks.