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Making a case for betting on baccarat

Jun 24, 2003 4:15 AM

Most knowledgeable casino players know that baccarat provides the skillful player with much more opportunities than the same skillful player will find in other games. These opportunities come in the form of various streaks and patterns so common in baccarat, and it is these frequent opportunities that provide an advantage for the skillful player.

The greatest player advantages are associated with tie pattern opportunities. Winning tie wagers pay eight to one, so the potential for big and quick profits is a danger to the casino. But an average baccarat shoe will contain only seven tie decisions out of the average of 80 total decisions.

However, there will be shoes that contain a lot more ties; I refer to them as "tie-rich" shoes. Tie-rich shoes will contain an average of 11 ties, a 57 percent increase above the norm. About one in five baccarat shoes will be tie-rich; they offer the skillful player an excellent advantage. Indeed tie-rich shoes provide some of the best possible opportunities a play can get.

I use three basic strategies for selective tie wagering: pattern repetitive ties, bunched ties and tie repeats. Let’s first review each of these strategies, or bet selection methods, so they can be statistically related to the additional opportunities in tie-rich shoes.

Pattern repetitive ties are tie decisions that repeat within a certain number of decisions. In some cases, the number of decisions between ties is quite small. In others, there can be many decisions between ties. The key is that the number of decisions between ties repeats one or more times.

For example, a tie decision occurs, the next tie outcome is six decisions later, and the next tie occurs another six decisions later; there are five decisions between each of these ties. These are pattern repetitive ties. Sometimes the number of decisions between them is not exactly the same, but usually very close; still by my bet selection methods (I will have a bet down) a repetitive pattern tie.

Shoes that have 10 or more ties nearly always have pattern repetitive ties and always have ties that repeat within a relatively few decisions. I refer to these as bunched ties; ties that repeat again and again very quickly.

Tie repeats are simply consecutive ties; two in a row, three in a row, etc. I have seen many of these, and once five in a row. Tie repeats are also very common in tie-rich shoes, consecutive tie outcomes occur in nearly every tie-rich shoe. Bunched ties are very common in tie-rich shoes.

Remember, you can bet as little as a dollar on ties as long as you have a minimum bet on player or bank at the same time. If you play your baccarat shoes using the same strategies and bet selection methods I use, you will automatically be wagering on these pattern tie opportunities. As a result, no one else at the table will be paying and winning ties like you. The other players will think you are just lucky, but we know otherwise!