Battle of production shows!

Jun 24, 2003 6:57 AM

The city’s newest battle for booties in the seats begins June 30. One corner finds MGM MIRAGE switching nights off for "O" at Bellagio to Monday and Tuesday nights to directly challenge Park Place’s Celine Dion at Caesars Palace five-nights-a-week.

Both shows claim nightly sell-outs, though rumors continue to swirl like soft ice cream whether they really sell out. In any case, Celine’s ticket prices are still the highest at $200 (plus a hefty service charge), while priority seating for "O" goes up to $125 on Friday.

Another show involved in the shakeup is Mystére with its dark days Wednesday and Thursday, but its ticket price remains a very "reasonable" $88.

Siegfried & Roy, my good buddies, also have a ticket increase coming. Their show will cost $110.50 starting in mid-August.

It wasn’t Sundance or Cannes, but last week’s CineVegas Film Festival was a blast. I’ve never met so many filmmakers who can party so vehemently. Even I had a tough time keeping up with them.

Clint Holmes, who is on a well-deserved hiatus, and Robin Greenspun did a marvelous job in producing "It’s Vegas, Baby" at Club Venus. It was a great party with no room to move and lots of folks rubbing up against me.

Sheena Easton, whom I heard would like to find a small, intimate room instead of the barn at the Hilton, Bob Anderson and Dee Dee Bridgewater all added to the special show. I was honored to introduce our singing Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt, who still has a great set of pipes. I offered to revive Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes, but was turned down!

Others making the scene included the cast of The Sopranos supporting one of their own, Michael Imperioli, who plays poker whiz Stu Ungar in the film "Stuey." I saw Dennis Hopper, but he took one look at me and walked away (I am really so misunderstood).

Kenny Kerr is telling friends, including me, that’s he has found a room to bring back his show.

The Treniers will be honored at a July 7 luncheon at the Greek Isles.

Billed as the world’s greatest uncensored hypnotist, Anthony Cools is appearing at the Stardust.

I hear that the sale of the Venetian’s C2K isn’t a done deal, which will delay the planned Broadway productions.

The Phantom of the Rue Flamingo is at it again. This time the Amazing Jonathan’s fake Windex bottle was loaded with the real stuff. Does the Flamingo brass want him out of the hotel sooner than the end of the year? It sure seems that way.

Janien Masse, lead female singer in Clint Holmes show, returns to the boards on June 30 following the birth of a baby.

I’m sorry to report Rodney Dangerfield has cancelled his July 19 MGM Grand Arena performance. No reason was given.

I hear that Shaquille O’Neal is still scathing because he wasn’t allowed in Light because he was underdressed. He should have called me, I have a rhinestone and velvet bedspread he could have used as a shirt.

The long awaited return of Franco Dragone to Las Vegas has happened with everyone predicting changes in Celine Dion’s show. Fingers crossed!