In just one week, baseball is upside down

Apr 6, 2008 7:57 PM

by Mark Mayer | No itís not some raunchy April Fools joke, but the first week of Major League Baseball saw Kansas City the last team to lose and AL Central favorite Detroit yet to win.

So far scoring is down, but intrigue is way up. The Tigers, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and New York Mets are a combined 10-16 (.385) heading into Sundayís games. On the flip side, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Florida are 15-8 (.652). Itís not hard to figure out that the underdogs are kicking some serious butts.

At the top of the food chart is Milwaukee, up 3.8 units with its 4-1 record. Translated: The Brewers are ahead $380 through five games for each $100 wager.

Also doing well are Tampa Bay (3.6 units / $360), Kansas City ($310), St. Louis ($280) and Washington ($240).

On the down side by a wide margin are the Tigers at a stunning -$840 for five games. Several of Detroitís losses have been as favorites of Ė200 and above. Philadelphia is next at -$330, followed by last yearís NL champ Colorado (-$310), the Chicago Cubs (-$280), Atlanta (-$260) and San Francisco (-$260).

As for the totals, the best over team is the New York Mets (3-0-1). Just behind are Florida and Milwaukee, each at 3-1-1. The top under teams are the Los Angeles Dodgers (4-1) and New York Yankees (4-1). In the case of the Dodgers, itís solid pitching. With the Yanks, itís a lack of hitting. Incredibly, the Yanks are third in the Majors in runs allowed (5.6 per game).

The top run producers through the first week are Tampa Bay (7.8 rpg), Atlanta (7.4) and the New York Mets (7.3). Itís a good thing the Mets are hitting since the pitching staff took a big hit with the loss of Pedro Martinez (torn hamstring) for 4-to-6 weeks. The worst pitching comes from Pittsburgh (7.2 rpg), Florida (6.2) and the aforementioned Yankees.