AG&E to develop new slot concepts

Jun 24, 2003 9:30 AM

American Gaming & Electronics (AG&E), a division of Wells-Gardner Electronics Corp., will soon be developing new games for slot and video poker machines.

That’s the word from Leo Rishty, who will be producing many of the new game concepts.

"We will be designing and developing unique game concepts," Rishty said. "We’ll be developing games for Nevada, as well as other jurisdictions throughout North America."

Rishty said that AG&E would not be manufacturing games, but instead providing concepts to manufacturers such as IGT and Bally Gaming as well as other game makers.

He said there will be a focus on video poker and video slot machines, with additional concepts earmarked for stepper slots as well.

"I have plenty of ideas in the area of video poker that will change the way the game is played," Rishty said, adding that he couldn’t discuss specific concepts until they were copyright or otherwise protected. "I think casinos throughout the country will be pleased with these new game concepts."

American Gaming & Electronics sells technical equipment, parts and services to more than 500 casinos in North America.

It also sells refurbished gaming machines on a global basis, as well as some brands of new gaming machines to casinos in New Jersey and Connecticut.

Its parent company, Wells-Gardner, is a distributor and manufacturer of color video monitors, video liquid crystal and plasma displays, coin mechanisms and other related products for a variety of markets, including gaming machines and coin-operated devices.

Founded in 1925, Wells-Gardner is based in Illinois, and since 1945 has been traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol, WGA.