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‘Heaven’ waits for Commerce

Jul 1, 2003 2:54 AM

Commerce Casino’s annual Heavenly Hold’em tournament will once again cater to the whims and desires of local and out-of-town hold’em enthusiasts at the end of the summer poker season.

Scheduled for September 5-14, Heavenly Hold’em features 10 days of hold’em action, and ranks as one of Commerce Casino’s most popular events.

In the meantime, hold’em players are reminded that super jackpots will continue to be awarded throughout the summer in $3-6, $4-8, $6-12, and $9-18 hold’em games daily from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 5 p.m.-8 p.m. With pay-outs up to $100,000, Super Jackpots have contributed greatly to the casino’s total jackpot pay-out figure which currently tops $8.6 million in the past twelve months.

Top place finishers in Commerce Casino’s recent 7 card stud hi-lo tournament were lucky enough to cash in on a generous $10,000-added prize pool. Winning players included Raymond Davis, who took home first place cash totaling $11,475; Can Hua, who placed second and collected $5,890; and third place winner Steve Nishimura, who won $2,975. The June 23 tournament posted a $100+10 buy-in, as well as a free entry option for Commerce Casino players who accumulated 40 hours of live play in the casino’s hi-lo section in the month preceding the tournament.

Hosted by comedian Rudy Moreno, Commerce Casino’s Jokers Comedy Night is a welcome addition to L.A.’s summertime nightlife. Dinner specials are offered prior to every comedy show. Furthermore, Karaoke/DJ music and dancing with Dion James follows each weekly performance.