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New rag targets upper yups

Jul 1, 2003 4:31 AM

The coming out party for Vegas ”” the slick, hip, bad, cool magazine was a huge bash at the Palms. The launch party brought out the beautiful people from coast-to-coast.

While crowd control and getting in Rain at the Palms was a snap, once inside you couldn’t hear yourself think. It was wall-to-wall people screaming at each other with music blasting in the background and girls doing the "wild thing" with palm trees.

I recently had a chance to view a clip from one of the water acts that will be part of Zumanity, the adult-oriented Cirque du Soleil production headed for New York-New York in August.

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Half-naked girls doing contortionist routines in and out of an oversized goldfish bowl isn’t all that erotic. Put them in a bowl of tapioca pudding ”” then you’ve got something!

Congrats to everyone at CineVegas, it was a 10-star hit. It was truly a let-it-all-hang-out-celebration of film and the woman’s body. The big to-do was the scheduled appearance of Hunter S. Thompson of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas fame. He was in town, but didn’t make the big final event. The feeling I got was that he did not give a good you-know-what.

Sandra Bullock’s recent visit was not just for fun, she was scouting locations for an upcoming movie. If she’ll call me, I’ll give her the grand Monti tour.

Jubilee! company manager Fluff LeCoque is holding auditions for the long-running Bally’s show on July 12 and 13. Here’s your chance to be a star like me!

How long have I been telling you that Tommy Tune will be directing "Miss Spectacular" in Las Vegas? In case you forgot, it has been months. Though no venue or exact date was mentioned, a casting notice has been sent out with successful applicants being contacted for an audition.

With Planet Hollywood scheduled to be the new genre for the Aladdin, maybe the new bosses can find a place in the hotel for my "Saturday Night Fever" disc jockey outfit. It’s film memorabilia and, more important, would be a fitting tribute to me.

Is Las Vegas next? The Los Angeles City Council is considering a proposed ordinance that will ruffle many a tail-feather. The Los Angeles Times reports that city rulers would ban lap dancing in the most sweeping revision in decades of city codes governing adult businesses. The city’s proposal could severely restrict what qualifies as legit behavior in Los Angeles’ estimated 200 adult cabarets, video arcades and other adult establishments.

A local gentleman’s club owner whom I broached the concept to just laughed. L.A. is not Las Vegas ”” they have sleaze, we have class.

Congratulations to Bob Anderson on his move to Branson to headline in one of the Missouri city’s many showrooms. Hopefully he will join regulars Mickey Gilley, Andy Williams, Jim Stafford, etc., and make a bundle. I hear some folks are hitting the $15 million per year figure. Bob’s going-away roast was spectacular with Steve Lawrence as host and Lance Burton making his singing debut.

It’s good to see the cranes out in force again. As the interest rates go down, new towers rise. Between the new condos and the hotel towers, Las Vegas actually has a real skyline.

Caesars Palace built a residence for Celine Dion and now I hear that Steve Wynn is building one for himself at Wynn Las Vegas.

With fireworks galore anticipated for July 4 (Friday), I just discovered a special place in town. It is the U.S. Vets at the Meadows, a shelter for homeless war vets who are assisted in getting back into the community. It’s been in business for two years, but I’d be willing to bet that few have heard about it. It houses more than 200 vets, many of them from the Gulf War. More than 600 vets, with their training and assistance, are back living good lives. Have a blast on Friday, but please be careful as fireworks can light up your person, as well as the skies.