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Buffalo shouldbuild up Falls

Jul 1, 2003 5:04 AM

The City of Buffalo could come as close as possible to that fiscal nirvana if it stops gambling with the rent money and puts its chips in the only place that makes sense: on another casino in Niagara Falls.

County Executive Joel A. Giambra pumped new life into that idea when he nixed the county-owned Buffalo Convention Center as a site for a second Seneca Nation gambling hall. Instead, he suggested why not build another one in Niagara Falls and share the revenue between the two areas.

Why not indeed? Let us recap the reasons why that idea makes sense.

The only reason to build any U.S. casino is to compete with casinos in Niagara Falls, Ont.

Multiple casinos should be sited to build critical mass ”” as in Detroit, where all three are within a chip’s throw of one another ”” so that they feed off the energy of one another.

Finally, our poll showed 63 percent of Buffalonians don’t want it.

The Buffalo News

Riverboats hit or miss

Here is a provocative vision of the future. On the Allegheny River floats a structure that looks like an oversized wedding cake decorated with flashy neon.

No, it’s not the Good Ship Lollipop. It is a charismatic riverboat casino, the dreamboat cure for governmental budget problems.

"Gamble" has various meanings. "Risk" is one. Another is "trust in chance." Marriage could be considered a gamble. Life itself is a gamble. But, are these sins?

Wealth without work has a magnetic attraction. Hope, risk and dreams are a heady mix. People flock to casinos. They endure long trips to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Our region wants to keep these big spenders at home. Governing bodies facing a deficit want a share of the huge profits.

So, that dazzling casino docked on the river could either be a prizewinner, a popular attraction that will stimulate the economy. Or, it could be a loser, the cause of community problems. These are the two possible outcomes.

Perhaps we should flip for an answer. Heads or tails?

The Pittsburgh Herald