Magician Wyrick goes poof!

Jul 8, 2003 4:08 AM

I feel like the Amazing Kreskin. Weeks ago I discovered that Steve Wyrick and the Sahara Hotel’s love affair had gone kaput. I wrote it in my column, but Wyrick called and denied the charge, and actually cited his (gulp!) attorney in case we let the cat out of the bag.

Well, the cat is out, the attorney is home counting his money and Wyrick does a disappearing act at the end of August. He claims he has a new showroom and I hope he does, but no official word has been released.

Now, the big question is who takes over the room at the Sahara? Germaine, the lovely PR goddess at the Sahara isn’t talking. We’ll keep asking; she’s worth the effort, even if she doesn’t fess up.

But in my best Kreskin act, I envision it’s going to be Dick Feeney, though he has denied it more times than I’ve tried to diet.

Extreme magician, the Amazing Johnathan, has a new home when he departs the Flamingo in December. It’s another case of a hotel not giving enough support to its headliner.

Steve Wynn may have changed the name of his property, but look for the old title of Le Reve to show up as part of the name of the new Franco Dragon spectacle. Incidentally, Steve, you said "Le Reve" was too cryptic for most people. You could have said that about "Bellagio," and look where that "obscure" hotel went!

Isn’t it amazing the news you read here first: Gloria Estafan, who has the same booking company as Celine Dion, headlines at Celine’s place in October ”¦ Cher is telling friends that this will be her positively final appearance in Las Vegas. I’m predicting, however, if the money keeps rolling in, Cher will keep on rolling ”¦ I hear that Nicholas Cage brought quite an entourage with him to see my pals, Siegfried & Roy, a party of 10 with most being the female variety.

Can you believe the number of stars that have passed in recent weeks? What’s scary for me is that they were all about my age. We’re going to miss them all.

Caught Second City at the Flamingo and it was just as enjoyable the second time around.

I have to send a 60th birthday greeting to one of my favorite ladies who has been so supportive to me and beat cancer a couple of years ago. She’s Karen Lieberman, wife of Siegfried & Roy PR guru Frank H. Lieberman, who reaches the milestone on Saturday.

Charo is still eyeing a local venue, but in the meantime she is doing Hollywood Squares and working on a new CD.

I can’t speak for the rest of the show, but I’m hearing that the three pythons (they rotate performances) are loving the Las Vegas heat.

Does anyone understand the billboard touting EvoluTIon? I understand it now after it was explained to me that it means the change in Treasure Island ”” the resort wants to be called "TI." Not to be confused with Texas Instruments. I hear that Kenny Ortega has found some very hot and vivacious felines for the new pirate show at TI, the Sirens of TI, who will be on display Friday night at 8 p.m.

I found out what happened to Darren Romeo. He’s performing nightly at Busch Gardens in Florida.

Ask management why business has not reached projections at the Fashion Show Mall and you’ll get a "it’s still not finished" response.

Lots of new shows trying to find homes in our wonderful city, but they aren’t willing to take the four-wall road. What happened to the days when the hotels booked and paid the entertainers? Have a hot week in the coolest city on Earth. And, if you got some news, I’m the man, okay, person, to print it.