All time best gambling movie? Casino

Aug 15, 2017 3:02 AM

My husband and I recently watched the movie “Casino” for the millionth time. It is my favorite movie. That led us to talking about our favorite gambling movies.

One of Robert’s favorites is “The Gambler” starring James Caan. He says the writing in that movie had to be written by someone who knew a lot about gambling – how it affects your family, your social life and your entire outlook on life.

Only a person who has been through it all could write such a brutal account of the gambler’s lifestyle. One minute he was on top of the world and the next he lost it all.

There is a scene that stands out in particular where Caan’s character was trying to drink milk, but his stomach was in knots from worrying about his bets. He started hitting his stomach to loosen up the knots.

We went to see the remake that came out in 2014 starring Mark Wahlberg, but it was a great disappointment. It didn’t draw you in like the original. Robert said the portrayal didn’t feel authentic.

The original was a true portrayal of gambling; the remake was a glossy, Hollywood version of gambling. It seemed phony.

We differ in on our opinion of “Rounders.” Robert said there was a scene in the movie where John Malkovich’s character KGB shuffles the cards but doesn’t cut them. The movie lost him right there.

I still love that movie and watch it when Robert is not around.

“Color of Money” is another of his favorite movies that he introduced me to. It starred Paul Newman as pool hustler Edward “Fast Eddie” Felson. Newman won an Oscar for this role.

Robert traveled with pool players betting on matches, and he even backed some pool players. He thought the writing was outstanding. I’m no pool player, but I have to agree it’s a great movie.

I have watched “Casino” so many times that Robert is now convinced it is the best movie about gambling of all time. It covers the whole gamut of the gambling business.

It’s especially fun watching it with Robert because he knows some of the people who were portrayed in the movie.

He stayed at the Stardust 4-5 months a year from 1978-1985 when some of the action of the movie takes place.

We love gambling movies. What are some of your favorites?