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Stars shine at Stardust bash

Jul 15, 2003 3:48 AM

The Stardust 45th anniversary celebration was a blast with a wonderful array of stars coming out to support the grand old property. I got to mingle with Tony Curtis, Aki (the famed showgirl who is very pregnant), Phyllis Diller (being an expert in the field, she said I was nearing facelift time), the Midnight Idol, Wayne Newton, Carrot Top (is he considering leaving the MGM Grand for greener pastures?) and Lt. Governor Lorraine Hunt.

For me, the nicest surprise was seeing former showgirl-turned-actress Valerie Perrine. She looked smashing and we had the opportunity to discuss the book she is writing ”” at least I don’t have to worry about being mentioned in this one.

A golden opportunity was ignored by the folks who put together the Stardust time capsule. I was willing to part with my first g-string, which I still haven’t been able to wear on stage. I thought there was a shot in "Zumanity," but, again, I was rejected.

What happened to Celine Dion in all of those Chrysler commercials? According to Adweek magazine, "”¦ the pop star’s physical presence has all but disappeared from Chrysler ads."

In case you missed them, the ads feature a dreamy Celine and her bountiful singing voice. But a Chrysler dealer was quoted in the story saying that "the Dion ads didn’t help. It was a music video."

He also pointed out that Chrysler used a similar tactic in the mid-1990s when it hired then-unknown actor Greg Kinner to pitch AMC’s Eagles. "He got a great career out of it. AMC went out of business," the dealer said.

If Chrysler goes belly-up, I wouldn’t blame Celine, whom I adore.

Yes, my name is going to be in lights again! Yours truly has signed to "perform" at the Castaways. The place is a Las Vegas landmark, which fits me to a tee. I tried to figure out how many times I have reinvented myself during my many careers and aspirations, but I ran out of wrinkles.

Makin’ a quick trip around the city: New York-New York held a grand opening for its new Irish pub, Nine Fine Irishmen, with all the MGM Mirage exec’s showing support and enjoying the beverages.

Leslie Anders and Buddy Greco will performer "Fever," their tribute show to Peggy Lee at The Suncoast on August 14 and 15.

My good pal Paige O’Hara, who performs around the world, is contemplating a reprieve from traveling to perform back home.

I was at TI’s kickoff party with some 2,000 of my intimate friends. More on this one next week. But "Sirens of TI" creator Kenny Ortega, I hear, is way ahead of schedule, getting the new show up-and-running. Again, I wasn’t asked to partake. My siren is suffering from the Doppler Effect.