MonteLago hot item

Jul 15, 2003 4:32 AM

I grew tired of being stuck in traffic in this 110-degree heat, so I drove out to the MonteLago at Lake Las Vegas.

If you just want to take a day and just relax, take the 30-minute drive. It is just beautiful and you are greeted with a waterfall upon entering. It doesn’t seem like you’re in Nevada.

As I stopped in the sports book to see Rob Terch, the man in charge, I couldn’t help but wish I lived a little closer to this place. With football just around the corner, this is the spot to spend the day. The full service sports book offers not only the norm but CFL, Golf futures/matchups, NASCAR/matchups and Tour de France props.

Terch and his staff are also putting up overnight baseball lines. Talking to Rob he mentioned that MonteLago could be booking horse racing in the very near future. I will keep you posted.

The first NFL preseason game is Saturday, Aug. 2 and we will try to put out some attractive plays. Preseason offers a lot of good bets so stay tuned.

Last week’s article about ticket writers has really created a lot of interest, some have even written me and wanted to know why I was so harsh. It was just the opposite. I have the utmost respect for ticket writers. Just that sometimes I like to place my own wagers, probably because I am just lazy.

During my travels throughout the city this year, I will be naming certain writers who I think should be recognized by their bosses. I was a ticket writer myself and know that they are underpaid and overworked. Day in and day out they have to put up with people blowing smoke in their faces and being ridiculed. Above all, the boss wants them to balance. What’s that all about? Give them a break!

Heading into the homestretch at Hollywood Park (thank you God), it will also be the last week of the "LUCKY 13" horse contest at the Palms. No one was able to hit the Progressive 6 so all the carryover money will be given away this week. So don’t miss you’re shot at a piece of the pot. Just remember, you’ll have to beat me and Stratto first. We only put in two entries, while everyone competing is allowed 10 per person.

Getting to baseball, early in the year I wrote that taking +1½ runs was raking in the dough and it has held up throughout the season. However, the books have caught on. Games that you would get +120 are now even money.

We just can’t get a break, so it’s wait until football to get back at them.