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The Gentleman Gambler

Jul 22, 2003 3:18 AM

Carol, I have noticed that most of the very good poker players seem to remain imperturbable when they are playing a hand or series of hands in a poker tournament.

They never ever let luck be a factor when they play ”” nor does an excellent tournament poker player ever let good or bad luck perturb him in any manner whatsoever. I guess that is where the term poker face came from.

There is an interesting time lag between the appearance of "imperturbable" and its antonym "perturb able." The verb perturb (meaning to disquiet or to throw into confusion) predates both "imperturbable" and "perturb able" because it has been a part of English since the 14th century.

Yes, Carol, of course I do believe in luck. Do you remember the song: "Luck be a lady tonight ”¦ don’t blow on some other guy’s dice! ”¦ don’t wander all over the room ”¦ remember I am the fellow you came in with ”¦ so luck be a lady tonight."

Carol, I believe that I am the luckiest player I know!

When I was young I was so lucky that you would not have wanted to touch me; I would have burned you I was so lucky.

In those days I had the power like Luke Skywalker from Star Wars ”” I had the force and the force was with me.

When I had the force, I knew what the dice would do! And in a muscle crap game (a ring crap game in a bar, alley or back room), I would take straight bets on big dick (10) and little Joe (4) because I could not get faded with the correct odds.

But why did I need the other players to lay me 2-1 when I knew the future!

The world was my oyster and life was good! It still is, but in the early days when I would take chances and sometimes wake up broke, I had the power.

If you have ever felt the power, you know what I mean. It is a feeling like no other.

And yes, it still is as sweet as ever, but I will admit that I have used a lot of it up.

I could and did run several toothpicks all the way up into sawmills and cut some very big logs along the way. It always seemed that I got the luckiest when I worked 20 hours a day and thought of every possible angle and possibility that I could dream up to make my ideas work.

It sure made me lucky when I was the first one in the office in the morning and the last one to leave at night. So lucky that the owners of the business saw me and put me in charge of their civil engineering office and soon thereafter the owners made me a full partner in their consulting engineering business.

While at work I would never let any problem perturb me and I would remain imperturbable until I found the answer to any or all problems or situations that was or could have been or would have become perturb able.

Good poker players and good businessmen are calm and always remain imperturbable no matter what the circumstances or conditions or bad luck that they may encounter.

Yes, Carol I do love words and I may even be a sesquipedalian (one who uses long words) because I do love words that are long and have many syllables and I am sure that this is irksome at times so I will attempt to not use words that are a foot and a half long when a simple four letter word like luck will do.

I truly do believe that we all receive the same amount of luck, but it is not like the movie "The Postman Always Rings Twice." Most of the time luck will only ring once and you must be ready to use it quickly when it shows up. You must seize the moment ”” luck is a fleeting thing and if you do not recognize it, luck will leave you stone cold dead and fly over to another player who may be playing against you in the game.

Luck is a lot like ice. It is just that some poker players get their ice in the summer when they need it really bad. And some poker players get their ice in the winter when it is not really that important.

Yes, Carol, four letter words like luck are fun to use and good to play poker with. So I may just try to stop being a sesquipedalian. (The odds are 8-5.)

Oklahoma Johnny’s Poker Tip of the Week

Today’s tip comes to us from an old friend of mine by the name of Bob Carter.

Bob was a great 8 and better Seven Card Stud player that I played many hands with.

Bob has been gone a few years but I still remember what he said to me:

Life is like a poker hand. Some people get dealt a good hand, and some people get dealt a bad hand. Some play a good hand badly, and some play a bad hand well.

I would say that all of us, here in America have been dealt a pretty good hand.

Thanks Bob, I remember that you played life and poker both very well.

Until next time, remember to stay lucky!