Casino Perks pique players’ interest

Jul 29, 2003 7:34 AM

With the array of gambling, dining and entertainment options in Las Vegas, visitors can easily overload while trying to chase down all the promotional offers out there.

Often times, it can be difficult even for locals to wade through the deluge of offers, come-ons and gimmicks and isolate the true bargains.

Yet, paying full price is a taboo in this bargain-hunting society, and companies have arisen to help consumers in their quest to get more bang for their buck.

One such company is Casino Perks based in Las Vegas. In operation since 1992, Casino Perks puts out a series of discount booklets filled with money saving coupons redeemable in Southern Nevada casinos.

"We only offer class-A selections in our booklets," said Pete DuBerry, president of Casino Perks. "Customer satisfaction is our primary concern."

More than 40 casinos in the Las Vegas area participate in its promotions, making finding something for every taste easy. Along with restaurant and show booklets, Casino Perks offers a gamblers’ booklet with mostly match-play coupons for blackjack, the casino’s most popular table game.

Match play takes place when the house matches a bet made by the player. Thus, a player can receive twice the winnings that he would normally receive.

For instance, if a $5 bet is placed along with a match coupon, the house will double the bet and make it a $10 bet. Assuming an even money win, the dealer will pay $10 instead of $5 to the player.

Also contained in the gaming booklet are Alternate Play Certificates, which can be used to change the odds at the blackjack table. Unlike Match Play certificates, Alternate Play coupons require that a player make one regular bet before using the coupon. A customer can then get 2-to-1 odds for an even money bet.

For those players who prefer other games or just want a change of pace, there are coupons for roulette, craps, pai gow and slot machines as well.

With over $450 worth of savings, a player’s casino bankroll can get a nice boost for only $59.95, the price of the booklet.

For those who prefer fine dining to Happy Meals, Casino Perks has a dining booklet with a superb variety of restaurants. Among the featured eateries are Bally’s Steakhouse, Ortanique at Paris and Tony Roma’s rib restaurants in various locations. There is also a section of some of the city’s best all-you-can-eat buffets.

Most coupons are 2-for-1 dining, cutting the cost of a dinner for two in half. The booklet costs $29.95, so just a couple of dinners would alone pay for the cost of the coupons.

A trip to the city of entertainment wouldn’t be complete without taking in a Vegas show, and Casino Perks’ deluxe booklet offers discounts on the city’s top shows, as well as coupons for accommodations, car rentals and fun attractions.

"By going to see just one show," DuBerry explains, "a customer has already gotten his or her money back for the booklet."

DuBerry added that the deluxe booklet has over $1,200 in total savings, with the booklet costing only $49.95.

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