Pet peeves at the craps table

Aug 5, 2003 2:57 AM

Those of you that have read some of my previous articles will recognize some of these tableside blunders. The rest have been compiled from my observations of 26 years around the craps tables.

Starting from the bottom and working up:

10. Straight guys letting other guys blow on their dice: Unless it’s his boyfriend (not that there’s anything wrong with that), a gentleman doesn’t let another gentleman blow on his dice before he shoots.

9. Making place bets by throwing checks into the point number boxes: Place bets are not a self-service bet, so you aren’t allowed to reach into the point number boxes. Since you are unlikely to be able to aim to the exact spot the dealer will position your bet, why not just set your checks in the come area and tell the dealer what numbers you want to bet?

8. Not making bets in the correct units: When taking odds on the five or nine, take an even number, since every two dollars pay three. When taking odds on the six or eight, take odds in five-dollar units, since every five dollars bet, wins six. Place bets should be made in units of five dollars, unless you are placing the six or eight and then it should be in units of six dollars.

7. Betting the pass line when there is a point: Unless you are planning to take 10X odds or more, you should look for the puck so you will know if there is a point. If there is a point, consider placing the point or making a come bet instead.

6. Shooting from the don’t pass: I know there is no scientific reason for this, but when you shoot from the pass line and seven-out, they take the dice away from you. When you shoot from the don’t pass and make the point, they keep giving you the dice and another chance to cut your own throat. There is nothing more pathetic than watching a hapless don’t bettor shooting himself out of thousands of dollars, while the rest of the table is screaming and making a fortune.

5. Playing with "scared money": Never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. "Oh Lord, please let me break even today, I need the money!" is not the proper mindset to have before taking a shot.

4. Offering unsolicited advice to your fellow players: Ignore people that bet six hundred each on the big six and eight or don’t take odds in correct units. The best advice I can give you is to mind your own business! Some of the worst beefs I have seen resulted from good Samaritans trying to save a poor wretch from himself. Remember; "Free advice is worth what you pay for it."

3. Trying to throw the dice while in the act of shaking them: For those of you that can never seem to hit the end wall or even worse, are a menace to public safety, might want to consider gripping and throwing the dice with your fingertips. Lean into the table, then let your arm hang over the side and grasp the dice with your fingertips. You will be amazed at the control you will have over your throw.

2. Stiffing the cocktail waitress: Not only do you risk going a long time between drinks, but you send a message to your dealer that he has little chance of getting a tip from you. After

all, if free beer and ample bosoms can’t get the money, what chance does he have?

1. Getting your hands in the way of the dice: Listen, it is not that difficult! Before you reach into the layout, you look to see where the dice are! If the dice are sitting in the center of the table, it is time to bet or get change. If the shooter has the dice, don’t reach into the layout or even drop money on it. If the dice hit you and it is a seven-out, it is considered justifiable homicide if you are killed in the ensuing riot.

(Dale S. Yeazel is the author of "Precision Crap Dealing" and "Dealing Mini-Baccarat." They are E-books on CD-Rom available for only $20 each (plus tax) at Gamblers Book Shop and Gamblers General Store in Las Vegas.