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Ask the gypsy!

Aug 5, 2003 3:16 AM

I’m a spiritual person, so I had my palm read by a very strong and seemingly knowledgeable gypsy lady in a small storefront on the eastside of town. Did I learn a lot!

She informed me that Engelbert Humperdinck has finally found a hotel willing to give him a shot ”” The Orleans in October. She also said that there will be a Martin & Lewis reunion (albeit, sons of the famous duo) in September at the Suncoast.

She predicted a major catfight between former lovebirds Liza Minnelli and David Gest, now that they’ve parted company. And, she predicted the future of Las Vegas will include sex, more sex, Latin rhythms and lots of gay establishments where I can fulfill my dreams of being the "host with the most."

The Castaways management, where I shocked audiences for three nights with my talent as the host of a Doo-Wop show, is utilizing my drawing power for an ad campaign that asks you to "Experience the Full Monti in Vegas."

I like eating out because I’m a terrible cook and you never know what you might hear if you eavesdrop on other people’s conversation. I was at Denny’s, one of my regular hangouts, the other night and listened to a table full of manly men bitch and complain about a new show coming into the hotel where they work. They kept their voices down, but I did hear the Mirage mentioned a few times. Stay tuned.

Danny Gans, whose mom passed away a few months ago, lost his dad last week at age 86. We send our condolences.

Despite being away from the boards for 14 years, Connie Stevens was a smash at the Suncoast. Her two shows were SRO with a bevy of celebs ”” Bill Medley, Diane Ladd, Buddy Greco, Lezlie Anders, to name a few ”” welcoming her back. Connie, whom I first met when she was 16, doesn’t have to do much these days. After all, she’s television’s cosmetic queen.

I’ll miss Bob Hope. He was very supportive of me as a young performer and once even gave me his autograph. Charo and a host of others are still looking for a room to play. It’s not easy, look how long it’s taken me to find a home. I hear that ticket sales for Gloria Estefan’s upcoming Caesars Palace show are almost legitimately sold out.

Thank you to Joyce March and the Las Vegas Art Museum for the invite to their soiree at Phyllis McGuire’s home. I’m so excited about seeing all the evening wear and jewelry that I can copy. There’s got to be a place for me on television especially with the record numbers Bravo is pulling with its two new gay-oriented series. The five guys redesigning the straight guy series is hysterical. I only wish that I can get some of the threads. My buddies Siegfried & Roy are showing their usual community spirit by sponsoring the 13th annual Las Vegas Metro Police K-9 Unit Trials on September 28. The monies raised will support our canine friends when they retire. Call the Siegfried & Roy PR office (895-9941) to see how you can help.

Two of my favorite crazy guys ”” Cheech and Chong ”” are reuniting for a film that deals with their persona in present day. I actually went bull riding, the mechanical kind, at Gilley’s and did it hurt.

Gentlemen clubs beware, "Zumanity" debuts at New York-New York in nine days. I keep being told by members of the cast that Las Vegas has never seen anything like their show. Sorry to report that Las Vegas One anchor Debra Levy is departing the station for a new gig, outside of TV, in Orange County, California.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are probably America’s hottest couple judging by all the media attention they receive. On the flip side, their movie, "Gigli," is being called one of the biggest turkeys of all time by critics.

One of my idols, Julio Iglesias, plays the Star of the Desert Arena at Buffalo Bill’s in Primm.