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An erotic Cirque!

Aug 12, 2003 1:05 AM

Local celebrities and media will be attending Cirque du Risqué (Zumanity) Thursday night, but I will miss the festivities — that’s the bad news.

The good news is that I’m working at the Castaways, hosting the Doo-Wop show that is doing good business!

But, back to Zumanity. The show is being called a work in progress with the gala opening scheduled September 20. I’m intrigued to discover its "new form of eroticism." I’m always interested in something new!

If you’ve watched ABC’s Extreme Makeover, you’ll see how creative doctors, makeup folks and hair stylists can be. Well, a local version is upon us. Whoever wins the local contest, will get $50,000 worth of changes.

I was at the Palms the other day and I’ve never seen so many tall men in my life. That’s where the basketball players hang out — and spend money — since the hotel is owned by the Maloof family, which also owns the Sacramento Kings.

The Kings and Lakers play an exhibition game here in October. Mark your calendar.

I offered to help Arnold Schwarzenegger in his California governor bid, but was turned down; he was afraid I’d chase the undecided voters away.

Still no word on new homes for magicians Steve Wyrick and Dirk Arthur, though I hear Dirk is this close to announcing a deal.

With the sale of the Golden Nugget, don’t be surprised if the Amazing Jonathan becomes its headliner once he completes his Flamingo engagement.

Fellow Tonight Show icon David Brenner has four-walled the 250-seat showroom at Westin’s Casaurian (the old Maxim). Now that’s he’s living in Las Vegas, Brenner doesn’t want to be away from home.

Leslie Anders and Buddy Greco bring their "Fever" tribute to Peggy Lee to the Suncoast for two shows on Friday. It’s an afternoon and evening four-wall with both shows being taped.

Celine Dion is back from vacation and will be performing at the Colosseum through mid-October when Gloria Estefan takes over for a week.

Stopped by the Riviera to catch "Men," the hotel’s perfect girls-night-out show, and liked what I saw, so I’ll probably be back very soon.

Trying to be as comprehensive a columnist for you as possible, I’ve been surfing the Web sites of the hotels and celebrities. It’s amazing what you discover, but I’ll share it all with you next week.