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Picks only escapefrom crazed world

Aug 12, 2003 1:56 AM

Boy oh boy what a crazy world we live in.

I went into a fast food restaurant and they had a warning sign up to be careful because they served hot coffee. Ben and J-Lo make one of the worst movies of all time, poor "Iron Mike Tyson" needs to declare bankruptcy and people are worried about legal betting on college sports in Nevada!

You have Gay Pride Day at Disney World, open sex with kids looking on but you can’t say a prayer in school or make the pledge to the flag with some ACLU nut wanting to sue and these lawmakers are worried about some guy making a bet on Ohio State.

It even gets nuttier with Arnold running for Governor of California. Maybe he will terminate some of the stupid decisions upon getting elected, which I hope will happen. Then you see a kid right out of high school getting 90 mill, while kids fighting for years to payoff student loans with jobs that pay $30,000 a year.

We can’t even buy gas for our cars, yet we have these politicians worried about some people wanting to make three-team parlays on college games, drink a beer and watch it on TV. You have Enron, wars, disease and hunger everywhere, while politicians worry about Las Vegas making legal bets. Never mind that these wagers are taxed and help build schools and roads. Well, maybe not quite the roads. I do see those orange cones everywhere.

Listen, all we want to do is go to work, make enough money to pay rent, buy food and gas, pay our bills, bet a couple parlay cards and if we hit one thank the lord.

So please leave us alone solve some real problems.

Now, here are my picks for Week #2 with college football right around the corner.

Thursday, Aug. 14

Raiders (+1.5) at 49ers: Erickson likes to win in preseason, Raiders were 0-2 on the road last year in preseason. 49ERS.

Friday, Aug. 15

Dolphins (-2.5) at Jaguars: Jax will play hard for new head coach. JAGUARS.

Panthers (+3.5) at Giants: Points are good. PANTHERS.

Seahawks (+3) at Colts: Take the UNDER.

Packers (+2.5) at Browns: Cleveland will roll. Best bet. BROWNS.

Texans (+4.5) at Cowboys: Revenge motive. COWBOYS.

Saturday, Aug. 16

Eagles (+2) at Steelers: Look for scoring. OVER

Bengals (-2.5) at Lions: Home field prevails. LIONS.

Ravens (+4.5) at Falcons: One of the better matchups to date. Must side with Atlanta in its final preseason home game. Reeves will have them ready. Lay number. FALCON$$$.

Broncos (pick) at Bears: Denver too deep. BRONCOS.

Saints (+2) at Jets: New York happy with second straight home game. JETS.

Bills (+3.5) at Titans: Like Tennessee, which rarely loses at home. TITANS.

Pats (+3) at Redskins: An offensive show. OVER 39.

Vikings (+4) at Chiefs: Note Minnesota was 2-0 last year in preseason as a dog. VIKINGS and UNDER.

Cards (+4.5) at Chargers: Arizona should produce with points. CARDS.

Monday, Aug. 18

Bucs (+2.5) at Rams: Super Bowl champion plays its third game already. Probably the last serious effort before regular season. TB struts in front of national TV. BUCS.

Last week: 10-7
Preseason: 10-9