The Gentleman Gambler

Aug 12, 2003 3:06 AM

Carol, there is good news. Football is back! The long wait is over, and now we can all make some money at the sports book.

Of course dear, Oklahoma is rated No. 1 just as they should be, but this is just the pre-season poll. I will keep you posted during the year.

OU and Texas will be one of the big early games. Texas is ranked No. 4. So all eyes will be on Dallas and the Cotton bowl in October for that big game.

Carol, we will be in Tunica for "The Seniors" XII WCOP Oct. 9-18, so you will have to host "The Seniors" XII championship game for me. I will be busy betting on OU and watching the game on a very big screen.

Oklahoma’s quarterback, Jason White is a senior (I kind of like that word, senior, I guess because I am always promoting "The Seniors" poker tourneys), who will be "Back in the Saddle Again" as quarter back (I like that too).

Jason torn up his left knee at the beginning of the 200l season and was out for the year. Then Jason started again at quarterback last year, but again tore up a knee, this time it was his right knee.

So, Jason is due and overdue for some luck and I am real sure that this year will be his year. And I like to say that he will, stay lucky!

Carol, I know that you earned your masters degree at OU a few years ago and I received my BSCE as a part of the class of 1952. Gosh, honey that was over 50 odd years ago.

I was back on the OU campus a few weeks ago and visited the new additions to the university and of course part of the expansion program was a new addition to the football stadium.

The new stadium, even with the increased seating, will still sell out each home game, but now over 80,000 will be in the stands to enjoy seeing the Sooners win all their games.

Take OU at home and lay the points. You may need help counting your money.

You may have to wait several years to find this bet, but if you ever do find

OU at home the underdog ”” do not blame me ”” cause I told you to bet the farm.

I was too little to make the football team in 1946 when I first enrolled at OU. But I went to class and shot a little pool with Bud Wilkinson, Darell Royal and Jack Mitchell.

Oklahoma Johnny Poker Tip of the Week

I was having breakfast up at the Black Bear this morning and I ran into my old friend Mike Sexton (the Ambassador of poker) and TV’s poker celebrity of the new hit TV series, World Poker Tour.

Mike and I got to talking and he reminded me, "Take responsibility for your own bad luck; it just might be due to your own bad play!"

Thanks Mike, I will see you on November the 15 up at Foxwoods, where you will be filming the World Poker Tour at Foxwoods. Kathy Raymond, director of poker operations, has again this year scheduled "The Seniors" WCOP to be played inside the finals of the WPT event at Foxwoods.

Mike, I sure thought that you were going to win "The Seniors" (IX) WCOP ”” World Championship of Poker last year. But second was not too bad when you counted all that money.

Until next time remember to always stay lucky!