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Counting greenbacks slows down the action

Aug 12, 2003 7:28 AM

"MONEY PLAYS!" Most players ”” count me in this group ”” really don’t enjoy playing at a blackjack table where another player is betting with cash. It slows down the game. And, when the cards are hot and a bettor’s adrenalin is perking, he wants action, as in action Jackson.

It seems as if there are plenty of times when a bettor ”” on a sizz ”” is invaded at the table by a player with a fistful of cash. If the player decides to bet $10,000 on a hand, the dealer has two options. He can either stop play and count down the money or, in a case where he may know the player, he can simply put his hand on the pile of cash and declares, "play to the limit."

Win or lose, the cash must be counted when the hand is over. You’re wrong if you think that doesn’t break the momentum of the bettor.

"Years ago, cash players were more abundant than they are today," said a seasoned blackjack dealer at a Strip property.

"Some of the old-time gamblers enjoy playing cash. It wasn’t exactly a favored move for the house. But, cash is king, especially in a casino.

A few years back, when I was more active on the front lines, there was a player from the Midwest who drove plenty of us up a tree. He’d belly up to the table with a belly full of booze and a big wad of C-notes.

He was a horrible player. But, demon rum convinced him otherwise. Usually ”” not always ”” he’d have a tootsie on his arm. She knew nothing about the game, but her eyes were as big as the moon when she eyeballed his cash.

I never figured out what’s in the bottle that makes normally decent people complete idiots when they gamble. It seems as if they love to tee their bankroll high and watch it fly right into the drop at the table with very little common sense spent.

Some people will argue that this type of player delights the house. It figures, but it just isn’t so. Many dealers and floormen spend some of their downtime at the tables, too. This group of people is the harshest critics of stupid play. They know ”” as most of us do ”” that to beat the house takes a great deal of luck and skill.

In the long run, skill outlasts luck. To win requires a great deal of concentration on the game. It’s not easy to stay focused when a cowboy-like player comes up to the table and starts shooting from the hip. On occasion, the cowboy gets lucky. But, luck, like fame, is fleeting. The Lady of Good Fortune is as fickle as they come.

The secret to winning is to give yourself a chance to win.

If there is an advantage to being a cash player, I’d say that those greenbacks, counted and placed in play, keep a bettor constantly in focus with reality. Believe it or not, it often serves as a wake-up call to slow down. Chips can ”” but usually don’t ”” have the same effect.

NAMES MAKE NEWS! Congratulations to our good friend Larry Woolf on his new venture in Carson City. Larry just opened the Casino Fandango and his customers are dancing in the streets!

The locals oriented casino has caught the fancy of northern Nevadans, who are proclaiming that Larry’s new place is "the nicest casino in Carson City."

Could we expect less?

Larry spent a number of years in the Caesars’ pinstripes before joining Bob Maxey to open MGM Grand for Kirk Kerkorian in 1993. But, he really hit a home run as the CEO of the Navegante Group, which was selected by the officials in the Province of Ontario to build and operate the temporary Casino Niagara.

In case you’ve forgotten, that casino has always become one of the hottest halls in Canada.

Larry, you’ve done it again!