Having your way with ‘way’ tickets

Aug 19, 2003 3:35 AM

What is a decent strategy for playing a way ticket? If we take a simple way ticket, seven spots grouped 2-2-1-1-1, and apply seven different strategies of play to them, we find that the results can differ greatly. We dub these strategies the Standard, the Top End, the Big, the Straddle, the Middle, the Cut Off and the Bottom strategies.

Our first finding was, that given we would spend the same amount of money on each ticket, we were better off in general playing most or all the ways on the ticket. We were money ahead in the long run to play all the ways for 50¡ per way rather than just some of the ways for $2 or $3 per way. This leads us to our first rule of thumb for way ticket strategies.

1. Playing all or most of the ways on a way ticket will tend to increase your total winnings in the long run.

Our second finding was, that of the three tickets that played all the ways, the bottom strategy, the ticket that played most of the money on the small ways, provided the highest return. Thus, we were able to formulate a second rule of thumb.

2. To maximize your total winnings, play the preponderance of your wagers on the small ways.

We also discovered that the tickets with most of the ways played on them provided a higher frequency of winners. We defined a winner as any amount of winnings equal to or greater than the price of the ticket. The third rule of thumb is pertinent to this point.

3. The more ways that you play on your ticket, the more often you will win.

We also noted that of the tickets that showed the highest frequency of winners, the Bottom strategy ticket showed

a winner two to three times as often as any other strategy. Our fourth rule of thumb restates this.

4. To maximize your frequency of winners, play most of your wagers on the small ways on your ticket.

The bottom strategy turned out to be the superior mode of play in almost all respects. Here it is once more, Seven Spots, grouped 2-2-1-1-1:l

1 way 7, @ 50 cents

3 way 6, @ 50 cents

5 way 5, @ 50 cents

7 way 4, @ 1 dollar

7 way 3, @ 1 dollar

5 way 2, @ 2 dollars

This produces a $28.50 ticket that maximized both total winnings and frequency of winnings, when compared to all other strategies.

You may recall from previous columns on tournament strategies that Keno Lil recommends either a catch-all ticket or a straight five spot for tournament play. I still do. But, if you do play a way ticket in a tournament, I strongly suggest that you use the Bottom strategy which we have outlined. It will increase your chances of winning the tournament significantly over players using other strategies.

On a scale of one to five spikes, with five being the highest, Keno Lil rates the Bottom Strategy ticket:





That’s it for this week, Good luck, I’ll see you in line!