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The Gentleman Gambler

Aug 19, 2003 3:55 AM

Carol, in a recent column I was talking to the folks about the obligations that the older poker players ("The Seniors") have to the younger people who wish to play poker or to become professional poker players.

Well, dear I believe that each generation is a little bit smarter than the ones who have gone on before them. Of course there are many exceptions, but in general I think this is true.

I look around me and I see this computer, the cell and other telephones, the color television (with its remote control), the radio, the fax, air conditioner, automatic fire protection devices and many other things.

When I go outside I will see cars of all types, buses and trucks, street lights, airplanes, automatic sprinklers watering the lawns, automatic yard lights, solar panels on the houses, and so much more.

Now, when I get home I will see, trash compactor, electric can opener, smoke alarms, door bells, microwave oven, and a lot of other things that are all designed for us to enjoy and make things easier for us in this life.

When I go to the casino later to play a little poker, I will find among other things automatic door opener and shuffle machines that will be in use at the blackjack and poker tables, as well as all types of electric computer devices and slot machines that are used in gaming.

When I was born, most of these things did not exist. In fact over 90 percent of the discoveries in medicine and inventions of machines and things that we now use everyday did not exist when I was a child.

So, Carol how did we get all these things?

My answer is that because the youth of today and each generation that follows will have more to start with and more intelligence to create more things than the generation that came before them.

If this were not true, civilization as we know it would not exist.

Carol, if you wish to go back in time and think about what I have said, you would find that mankind would still be in the dark ages or even back to the cave.

Now what do we "Seniors" have?

We have experience, that’s all we have. "The Seniors" have been tested in the fire of life.

It is "The Seniors" responsibility to share this experience with the young poker players.

My grandson Eric just turned 21 years old. He has just received his degree in political science from the University of Oklahoma. He plans to become the governor of Oklahoma in about 25 years.

Carol, I have a promise that I plan to keep.

Please, Dear, put it on our calendar so that it will not conflict with one of our "The Seniors" poker events. We will for sure be there to see him inaugurated as the governor of Oklahoma.

Eric is smarter than his grandfather and that is as it should be, but I have experiences that he has not had. And some, I hope, that he never has to experience ”” such as being in two wars and other difficult times that I hope that he will avoid. But if it comes his way in his lifetime, he will do well and stand the test of time just as his grandfather did.

Some of the great promises made to my generation were that the last war was the war to end all wars.

For his birthday, I bought him into his first poker tournament. I have played in a thousand or more poker tournaments. Eric is smart ”” he will do well, he will learn, but he honored his grandfather by asking me to teach him how the poker tournaments are conducted and to give him some pointers about how he should play to win.

So Carol in some future columns I plan to give young poker players a little bit of the advice that today I am giving to my grandson Eric about both life and the living of it and poker and the playing of it.

Oklahoma Johnny Poker Tip of the Week

This advice comes to us from Dr. Max Stern, a member in good standing of "The Seniors" WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame:

Poker is life itself. Each of us has a measured life span. And each of us will die someday.

Since poker is so similar to life, I think that at the last table in tournaments, you must understand that at some point, that your chips may all be gone and that you will die.

And in that moment that you realize that you may lose all of your chips and die, you will fight to save your chips. You will begin to live, and you may win the tournament.

Thanks Doc. May you and your lovely wife Maria live long and prosper.