Bettors appreciate venting from an STP maniac

Aug 19, 2003 6:40 AM

First I would like to thank all the people who e-mailed me, called and wrote to agree with my venting in last week’s article. It is really good to know that so may of us stand on the same ground. I do appreciate your response and input.

With real football closing in, I just wanted to say a few things. We here at GT will try our best to put out winners. We do a lot of work and have some of the best handicappers in the country writing for us. Remember that there are many highs and lows during a very long season. One shouldn’t get depressed over a bad beat or an unwise bet. It happens to all of us.

Also, when making a choice on what team you are going to bet, the final decision is yours no matter what you read. The STP (sensory temple perception) is an angle I have used over the years in both horses and sports that has proven very profitable, even if it did take me a long time to trust.

What happens is I look over some games or ponies and one will just jump out at me for no particular reason. Even with little merit one way or the other there’s something pointing to that team or horse. When this happens, even to a player for several years like me, you must follow your STP.

Maybe, I’ll head straight for Casino MonteLago beginning Aug. 20 when I can bet —105 lines and select college games. That’s what my good buddy Rob Terch is offering at the sports book. Those lines will be available every Wednesday and Thursday during the season. And, if you want to wait until Aug. 26, Terch will provide 14-5 payouts on two team parlays on all football. I’m following my STP there.

Ok that’s enough stalling. Time to pick some more preseason winners.

Thursday, Aug. 21

Cowboys (+4½) at Steelers (34½): Must go against Steelers DBs as they are a real porous bunch. Parcells should have the Cows cranked for this one. COWBOYS and OVER.

Friday, Aug. 22

Patriots (+3½) at Eagles (36½): This looks to be a defensive struggle. UNDER.

Falcons (+5½) at Dolphins (34½). Miami is 1-5-1 at home last two years in preseason as the chalk and things shouldn’t change here. Reeves and crew will be ready. FALCONS.

Vikings (+5) at Raiders (39): Raiders will be my go against team this year, especially when favored. Vikes were 2-0 last year in preseason as road dog. VIKES.

Bears (+1) at Cards (32): Just a wonderful game. Tread lightly. UNDER.

Saturday, Aug. 23

Rams (+2) at Bills (40½): Buffalo with new and improved defense will handle the Rams at

home with ease, especially with St Lou coming off that big Monday night game. BILLS.

Titans (—1½) at Bengals (38½): Tennessee has been a good cover team in preseason the past couple of years. Cincy needs a lot of help. TITANS.

Browns (+1½) at Lions (38½): This should be a real good, tight game. BROWNS.

Jets (—1½) at Giants (35½): Can’t go against a team that has covered 11 straight against the Giants in preseason. JETS.

Ravens (+3) at Skins (36½): Billick has great record as a dog in preseason. RAVENS.

Jaguars (+6) at Bucs (35): Could be a very nice spot for Jacksonville as I look for the Bucs to relax. JAGS.

Panthers (+4) at Packers (36½): GB super tough at home and will reward the sold out house at Lambeau with the win. PACKERS.

Chargers (+1½) at Texans (33): Good shot for Houston to get the win. Marty & Co. really not interested in "Ws" in preseason. TEXANS.

Saints (+3½) at 49ers (38): Erickson wants every win he can get and his defense is playing like they are possessed. This is a 2 TD victory. 49ERS.

Chiefs (+3) at Seahawks (39½): Two teams with improved "Ds." UNDER.

Monday, Aug. 25

Colts (+4½) at Broncos (39½): Dungy very mediocre in preseason. Broncos just super when favored by three or more. Denver depth the story in high scoring affair. BRONCOS, OVER.

Saturday at Kansas City

Cal (+22) at K-State: Wildcats outstanding 20-4-1 ATS laying 20 points or more. They just love to pour it on and they own one of the best backfields in the country. Cal off a very good year but will be rebuilding. Lay the lumber. K-STATE.

Last week: 9-6

NFL preseason: 19-17