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Castaways show another shipwreck

Aug 26, 2003 3:01 AM

My life has taken so many turns recently, I turned to my childhood inspiration and contacted the Puerto Rican witchdoctor who I grew up with and now resides in a palatial mansion in Beverly Hills. He had lots of news to tell me including that there are actually some working performers who want to team with me. Wow, did I get excited, especially since my Castaways gig went belly up. Can you imagine Siegfried & Rock or Holmes & Rock or Rock & Marty or the Rock Saves "Zumanity" or The Showgirls of Rock? You never know when you’ll be between a rock and a hard place.

Fatburger couldn’t match the success of In-And-Out Burger, so Magic Johnson and his partners sold most of their stake in the business. Speaking of the in-and-out urge (remember those bumper stickers!), the most successful In-And-Out Burger is at Tropicana and Industrial.

I have to admit, I’ve never tasted one of their burgers, and if those lines on Industrial don’t thin out, I probably never will.

We should be thankful that our visitor count hasn’t dropped as far as it has in San Francisco.

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t join wife Maria Shriver and their kids to see Siegfried & Roy last week because he was out stumping for his run at the governor’s mansion. I’d hate to be on the short end of his strong-arm tactics.

For those who love the Rat Pack ”” the real rodents ”” USA Today reports that restored footage of a rare benefit concert in St. Louis from June 20, 1965, will be released on DVD/CD on October 14. It is reportedly the only Rat Pack revue filmed in the 1960s

Ricky Martin told folks at the German Star Search finale that he will be performing with Celine Dion in September.

Showbiz terms are included in the new edition of the Oxford Dictionary due out this week. According to AP in London, Muppet, taken from the children’s TV show, means a foolish person, while Eeyorish refers to the character in Winnie The Pooh.

A local show, bada bing, also makes it as "an effortless act." I wonder what Tony Soprano thinks of that since it is also the name of his strip-joint.

My tears flowed, I dropped to my knees and lapsed into a piercing falsetto when I found out that ABC has dumped "The Real Roseanne Show." Us gay folk were watching it religiously.

Ray Brown, Jr., son of the legendary Ella Fitzgerald, opens September 2 at the Bistro Theatre at the Riviera. His show is called Uptown Attitude and I hear he has some of his mom’s musical genius.

Dirk Arthur, after all the rumors, will bring new life downtown when he opens at The Plaza.

The Suncoast is becoming one of my favorite venues. Recent appearances by Lanie Kazan, Jack Jones and Lezlie Anders & Buddy Greco were all winners.

This Saturday night the Silverton is hosting a tribute to the late John Denver.

Despite their marriage woes Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt and Blackie Hunt are still drawing the folks to Bootleggers. Monday night at the club is karaoke and you never know who will show up to showcase their talents. It’s all spontaneous and fun.

A fellow star of the sixties, Johnny Rivers, plays Sunset Station on Saturday night. We grew up together, though he did have a few more hit records than I did. Plus, he christened the Hollywood nightclub scene while performing at the Whiskey A Go Go. Plus he has two dozen Gold Records. Plus ”¦ that’s enough already!

Did the flood catch you unprepared? Not me. My Monti Rock-mobile performed brilliantly, although animals in pairs inexplicably tried to seek refuge in my back seat. Do I look like a modern-day Noah? I never looked good in robes.