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Aug 26, 2003 3:46 AM

Air Supply

Orleans (365-7075) Thur-Sun

David Copperfield

MGM Grand (891-7777)
Tue-Sept. 3

Legendary Ladies
of Rock and Roll

Stardust (617-5577)

Smothers Brothers

LV Hilton (732-5755)
Tue-Sept. 14

The Wailers

House of Blues
(632-7600) Thur

Paquita la del Barrio

Aladdin (785-5555) Sat

BJ Thomas

Boulder Stn (432-7777) Sat

Gypsy Kings

Hard Rock (693-5000) Fri

Ringo Starr

Hard Rock (693-5000) Sat

Huey Lewis

LV Hilton (732-5755) Fri-Sun

Toby Keith

MGM Grand (891-7777) Fri

Superjoint Ritual

House of Blues (632-7600) Fri

Chinese Labor Day

Mandalay Bay (632-7777) Sat

Blues Traveler

Mandalay Bay
(632-7777) Sun

Susan Tedeschi

Paris Pool (946-7000) Sat

Andrew ”˜Dice’ Clay

Stardust (617-5577) Fri-Sat

The Supremes

Suncoast (636-7111) Fri-Sun

Johnny Rivers

Sunset Station (547-7777) Fri

Joe Cocker

Sunset Station (547-7777) Sat