Half a loaf worksFor Miss Delta

Aug 26, 2003 6:18 AM

Editor Donald Atherton believes Mississippi voters made a wise decision more than a decade ago to swing open doors to dockside casinos.

"Greenville and Washington County have not experienced the overwhelming dividends of Tunica and the Gulf Coast, but then half a loaf is much better than an empty financial cupboard."

A new resort has announced plans to locate in Washington County and elected officials welcome the prospect of 350 additional jobs for a region that has witnessed a steady erosion of employment and commerce.

Whether you like gaming or not, they are here to stay. Any prospects of new jobs entering the labor pipeline should be applauded. Casinos bring jobs and tax revenue that helps fuel a stagnate economy.

Greenville Delta Democrat Times

Glased look on poker

Even Andrew N.S. Glaser, nationally known teacher of gaming seminars, has been surprised by the unprecedented amount of publicity surrounding poker.

"In the space of a week, I’ve seen a major feature about legendary poker player Stu Ungar and watched two segments of the televised World Series of Poker. I expected poker to enjoy a surge in popularity when an unknown named Chris Moneymaker won the title and the $2.5 million, but I had no idea the poker craze would take off this fast.

"Poker’s time has come, particularly tournament poker."

Detroit Free Press